Storage strategies for collections in dynamically typed languages

Carl Friedrich Bolz, Lukas Diekmann, and Laurence Tratt


Proc. Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages & Applications (OOPSLA) 2013, pages 167-182, October 2013. [BibTeX, HTML, PDF]

Repeatable experiments

Our paper contains experiments comparing several benchmarks with various PyPy variants. We believe strongly in repeatability in computing experiments, and thus provide the same automated scripts we used for the experiment. Our system automatically builds the same version of the VMs from the paper and runs the experiments. Our hope is that others can easily run our experiments and study the output on their particular setup.

Versions available are:

The full source code of the experiment is also available at our BitBucket repo.

This artefact was accepted by OOPSLA's artefact evaluation committee.