Within the span of a single lifetime, software has grown from nothing to power vital aspects of our societies. Software has done much for us, and will surely do much more in the future. We therefore aim to help the software of the future to reach its full potential. We do not pretend to know all the challenges that software will face in reaching its full potential; we are also realistic that, even were we to do so, we would not have the resources or expertise to tackle most of them. Our focus, therefore, is on our strengths: programming languages, tools, and their use. We aim to make a positive contribution to software development and to our wider society. While much of our research is aimed at professional software developers, our agenda is explicitly inclusive: we also aim to give more people the tools to develop software.

Our values

Researchers occupy a privileged position: we are paid to do a job we enjoy. With that comes the responsibility to identify important challenges and produce quality research when addressing them. We aim to be honourable in our dealings, transparent in our finances, and open to all-comers.

We welcome comments on any aspect of our activities and we promise to consider them and take action where appropriate.