The team creates, maintains, and contributes to many open-source projects. If you have questions about any of these, please see the page for each project and contact the main person listed there.

Our BitBucket account, and GitHub account hold further repositories.

Language composition and parsing systems

  • Eco: a language composition editor.
  • grmtools: a suite of Rust libraries and binaries for parsing text, both at compile-time, and run-time.
  • PyHyp: a composition of Python and PHP.
  • SQPyte: a composition of Python and SQLite.
  • Unipycation: a composition of Python and Prolog.

Software measurement

  • Krun: control and monitor VM benchmarks.
  • libkalibera: an implementation of Kalibera and Jones's VM statistics.
  • warmup_stats: a VM performance data analysis system.

Rust libraries

  • cactus: Parent pointer trees.
  • packedvec: Store vectors of integers efficiently.
  • rerun_except: Control which files should not trigger a cargo rebuild.
  • sparsevec: Compress vectors using row displacement.
  • vob: A bit vector library for Rust.


  • snare: A minimalistic GitHub webhooks runner.