Current members (Alumni, The team over time)

At our homes, October 2020.
Jake Hughes, Aleks Bonin, Laurence Tratt, Edd Barrett, Lukas Diekmann

Edd Barrett

Edd Barret Edd is a Research Associate on the Hamlet project. During his time in the team, Edd has worked on: language composition (mixing programming languages); rigorous benchmarking and VM warmup; and most recently, a hardware-accelerated meta-tracer for Rust. Before joining the team he worked in the field of reverse engineering and abstract interpretation. Edd is also an OpenBSD developer. (Personal website)

Aleks Bonin

Aleks Bonin Aleks is a Research Assistant on the CapableVMs project where he is improving the performance of VMs using CHERI.

Giuseppe "Pino" De Ruvo

Giuseppe De Ruvo Pino is a Research Associate on the CapableVMs project. Before joining the team, he was an Innovation Manager and consultant helping startups building MVPs and executing digital transformation; he also performed independent research in Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM), and Debugging. Until 2018, Pino was a Research Fellow at the University of Auckland where he worked on SCAM and Model Checking.

Lukas Diekmann

Lukas Diekmann Lukas is a Research Associate on the Hamlet project, working on a meta-tracing just-in-time compiler for Rust that utilises hardware tracing technologies. For his master thesis he implemented storage strategies in PyPy which were shipped in June 2012. (Personal website)

Jake Hughes

Jake Hughes Jake is a PhD student interested in JIT compilation and meta-tracing. He implemented the Erlang-like actor-based concurrent language Plang, based on shared-nothing threads while studying for a BSc at the University of Sussex.

Laurence Tratt

Laurance Tratt Laurence leads the Software Development Team. His main research interests surround programming languages and domain specific languages. He created the Converge programming language which allows syntactically distinct domain specific languages to be embedded in normal program files and compiled out at compile-time. He has also written several other open-source programs. (Personal website)