Robert Bartlensky

Robert Bartlensky Robert is an intern with the Software Development Team interested in Operating Systems and the Rust programming language. Robert is working on a Lua interpreter written in Rust. When he is not programming, he enjoys transforming Emacs into a Swiss Army knife.

Carl Friedrich Bolz

Carl Friedrich Bolz Carl Friedrich was a Research Associate on the Cooler project. He is broadly interested in the efficient implementation of dynamic programming languages. In 2005 he started to contribute to the PyPy/RPython project and subsequently became one of its core developers. He has been involved in most areas of PyPy development, including RPython's tracing JIT compiler. Personal website

Aleks Bonin

Aleks Bonin Aleks is a Research Assistant on the CapableVMs project where he is improving the performance of VMs using CHERI.

Daniel Calleja

Daniel Calleja Daniel was an intern with the Software Development Team. He was working on integrating Python's pdb debugger into the team's code editor. In his spare time he enjoys working on making small games for phones/PCs.

Geoff French

Geoff French Geoff was a Research Associate on the Editors project. His focus was primarily on the visual aspects of mixed textual and non-textual editors, and tree-based diffing. He previously developed The Larch Environment. Personal website

Jasper Schulz

Jasper Schulz Jasper is a PhD student and is interested in the design and the implementation of efficient virtual machines for programming languages.

Tom Fransham

Thomas Fransham Tom is a Research Associate on the "Faster real-world tracing JIT compilers" project. He has many years experience of using and developing LuaJIT in a variety of applications.

Gabriela-Alexandra Moldovan

Gabriela-Alexandra Moldovan Gabriela is an intern with the Software Development Team, a free software enthusiast, and is interested in algorithm design and competitive programming. Gabriela is working on a meta-tracing interpreter for a subset of C.

Sarah Mount

Sarah Mount Sarah is a Research Associate on the Efficient Editing of Homogeneous Programs (Editors4) project. Previously, she was a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton, and before that she held a number of positions at Coventry University.
Personal website

Giuseppe "Pino" De Ruvo

Giuseppe De Ruvo Pino is a Research Associate on the CapableVMs project. Before joining the team, he was an Innovation Manager and consultant helping startups building MVPs and executing digital transformation; he also performed independent research in Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM), and Debugging. Until 2018, Pino was a Research Fellow at the University of Auckland where he worked on SCAM and Model Checking.

Naveneetha Krishnan Vasudevan

Naveneetha Krishnan Vasudevan Krishnan completed his PhD student on ambiguity heuristics in 2018.
Personal website