Iti Shree RTSG expenses

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BudgetInitial valueLast statementCurrent balance
RTSG::Iti Shree£1000.00£1000.00£110.25

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Detailed breakdown

Legend: = not submitted, = submitted, = reimbursed, = accounted

PLISS 2022
Reimbursed2022-08-24Travel (Flight, Heathrow to Bologna (return), BA) (L. Tratt)£281.37
Reimbursed2022-08-24Travel (Flight, Heathrow to Milan, BA) (L. Tratt)£328.07
Reimbursed2022-08-24Travel (Flight, Heathrow to Milan, BA) (I. Shree)£328.07
Submitted2022-10-04Travel (Flight, Bologna to Heathrow) (I. Shree)£382.30
Submitted2022-10-04Visa (I. Shree)£67.52
Reimbursed2022-10-22Travel (Train, Castle Cary to Reading (return)) (L. Tratt)£50.25
Reimbursed2022-10-23Travel (Taxi to Castle Cary) (L. Tratt)£45.00
Reimbursed2022-10-23Travel (Reading to Heathrow (return)) (L. Tratt)£59.70
Reimbursed2022-10-23Food (La Costa Cafe, Craven Road) (L. Tratt)£8.89
Reimbursed2022-10-23Food (Wagamama, Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£17.50
Reimbursed2022-10-23Accomodation (FlyOn Hotel, Bologna) (L. Tratt)£82.14
Submitted2022-10-23Accomodation (FlyOn Hotel, Bologna) (I. Shree)£70.75
Reimbursed2022-10-24Travel (London to Heathrow (return)) (L. Tratt)£24.40
Reimbursed2022-10-24Food (Pret a Manger, Heathrow) (I. Shree, L. Tratt)£25.64
Reimbursed2022-10-24Food (La Focacceria, Milan Centrale) (L. Tratt)£6.33
Reimbursed2022-10-24Travel (Train, Milan Airport to Forli) (L. Tratt)£69.37
Reimbursed2022-10-24Travel (Train, Milan Airport to Forli) (I. Shree)£69.36
Reimbursed2022-10-27Registration (L. Tratt)£439.09
Reimbursed2022-10-27Registration (I. Shree)£439.09
Reimbursed2022-10-27Food (Bistro Colonna, Bertinoro) (L. Tratt)£40.01
Reimbursed2022-10-29Travel (Train, Paddington to Reading) (L. Tratt)£14.90
Reimbursed2022-10-29Food (Heinemann, Bologna Airport) (L. Tratt)£3.46
Reimbursed2022-10-29Food (Caffe Nero, Paddington) (L. Tratt)£7.00
Reimbursed2022-10-29Food (Pret a Manger, Paddington) (L. Tratt)£7.39
Reimbursed2022-10-29Travel (Taxi from Castle Cary) (L. Tratt)£25.00
Debit (reimbursed) Hamlet::Travel£1535.51
Debit (reimbursed) RTSG::Iti Shree£397.43
Debit (reimbursed) General fund£439.09
Debit (awaiting reimbursement) RTSG::Iti Shree£449.82
Debit (awaiting reimbursement) Hamlet::Travel£70.75
Team building
Not submitted2022-10-17Travel (Stratford to Canterbury (return)) (I. Shree)£42.50
Reimbursed2022-10-17Food (Fond Coffee) (Edd Barrett and Iti Shree)£6.90
Reimbursed2022-10-17Food (The Parrot) (Edd Barrett and Iti Shree)£30.42
Reimbursed2022-10-17Food (The Micro Roastery) (Edd Barrett and Iti Shree)£5.40
Debit (awaiting reimbursement) RTSG::Iti Shree£42.50
Debit (reimbursed) General fund£42.72