CapableVMs expenses

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Detailed breakdown

Legend: = not submitted, = submitted, = reimbursed, = accounted

PLISS 2023
Reimbursed2023-07-23Travel (Flight, Heathrow to Bologna, BA) (L. Tratt)£410.68
Reimbursed2023-07-23Travel (Flight, Bologna to Luton, RyanAir) (L. Tratt)£123.09
Reimbursed2023-09-03Food (Pret a Manger, Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£17.18
Reimbursed2023-09-03Food (Starbucks, Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£7.30
Reimbursed2023-09-03Travel (Train, Bologna Airport to Bologna Central) (L. Tratt)£9.71
Reimbursed2023-09-03Travel (Train, Bologna Central to Forli) (L. Tratt)£16.29
Reimbursed2023-09-03Travel (Taxi, Forli to Bertinoro) (L. Tratt)£30.90
Reimbursed2023-09-07Travel (Luton Dart) (L. Tratt)£4.90
Reimbursed2023-09-08Registration (L. Tratt)£378.49
Reimbursed2023-09-09Travel (Train, Castle Cary to Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£112.60
Reimbursed2023-09-09Travel (Taxi, Bertinoro to Bologna Airport) (L. Tratt)£177.46
Reimbursed2023-09-09Travel (Train, Luton Airport Parkway to Paddington) (L. Tratt)£20.00
Reimbursed2023-09-09Food (Pret a Manger, Paddington) (L. Tratt)£19.35
Debit (reimbursed) LangEng::Travel£985.98
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£341.97
European LLVM developers' meeting 2023
Reimbursed2023-04-04Registration (E. Barrett)£325.90
Reimbursed2023-04-04Accomodation (Premiere Inn Glasgow) (E. Barrett)£281.97
Reimbursed2023-04-04Travel (Train, Canterbury West to Glasgow Central) (E. Barrett)£141.59
Reimbursed2023-04-05Registration (A. Lascu)£320.03
Reimbursed2023-04-05Accomodation (Premiere Inn Glasgow) (A. Lascu)£220.50
Reimbursed2023-04-05Travel (Train, London Euston to Glasgow Central) (A. Lascu)£97.09
Reimbursed2023-04-19Registration (L. Diekmann)£404.81
Reimbursed2023-04-19Accomodation (Premiere Inn Glasgow) (L. Diekmann)£279.97
Reimbursed2023-04-19Travel (Train, Chislehurst to Glasgow Central) (L. Diekmann)£200.09
Reimbursed2023-05-04Travel (Taxi, London City Airport to Canterbury (due to train strike)) (E. Barrett)£134.64
Reimbursed2023-05-04Travel (Flight, Glasgow to London Gatwick (train replacement)) (A. Lascu)£77.99
Reimbursed2023-05-04Travel (Flight from Glasgow to London City Aiport for L.Diekmann and E.Barrett) (L. Diekmann)£296.70
Reimbursed2023-05-09Food (WH Smith, Euston) (E. Barrett)£4.34
Reimbursed2023-05-09Food (Non Viet, 536 Sauchiehall Street) (A. Lascu, E. Barrett, L. Diekmann, S. Kell, J. Yu)£136.40
Reimbursed2023-05-09Food (Leon, Euston) (L. Diekmann)£12.48
Reimbursed2023-05-09Food (WH Smith, Euston) (L. Diekmann)£5.43
Reimbursed2023-05-10Food (Pret, 34 Sauchiehall Street) (A. Lascu)£4.75
Reimbursed2023-05-11Food (Black Sheep Coffee, Glasgow) (E. Barrett, L. Diekmann, A. Lascu)£11.27
Reimbursed2023-05-11Travel (Train, London Euston to Glasgow Central (return refund)) (A. Lascu)£-60.10
Reimbursed2023-05-11Travel (Airport transfer, London Gatwick to Gloucester Road)) (A. Lascu)£92.00
Reimbursed2023-05-11Food (Pret, 34 Sauchiehall Street) (A. Lascu)£3.50
Reimbursed2023-05-11Food (Sano Pizza, 1146 Argyle Street) (A. Lascu, E. Barrett, L. Diekmann, S. Kell)£68.75
Reimbursed2023-05-12Food (WH Smith, Glasgow Airport) (E. Barrett, L. Diekmann)£9.36
Reimbursed2023-05-12Travel (Bus, Glasgow City to Airport) (E. Barrett)£10.00
Reimbursed2023-05-12Food (Pret, Glasgow) (E. Barrett, L. Diekmann)£20.80
Reimbursed2023-05-12Travel (Bus, Glasgow City to Airport) (A. Lascu)£10.00
Reimbursed2023-05-12Food (Frankie & Benny's, Glasgow Airport) (A. Lascu)£15.10
Reimbursed2023-05-12Travel (Bus, Glasgow City to Airport) (L. Diekmann)£10.00
Reimbursed2023-05-12Travel (Taxi from London City Aiport to Chislehurst) (L. Diekmann)£44.26
Reimbursed2023-05-15Postage of cancelled train tickets for refund (E. Barrett)£2.25
Reimbursed2023-05-26Travel (Refunded cancelled train, Glasgow to Canterbury West) (E. Barrett)£-84.00
Reimbursed2023-07-26Travel (Refunded cancelled train, Glasgow to Chislehurst) (L. Diekmann)£-119.70
Debit (reimbursed) LangEng::Travel£1992.16
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£986.01
Reimbursed2023-05-04Registration (A. Lascu)£1082.18
Reimbursed2023-05-04Accomodation (Marriot Village at Lake Buena Vista (conference hotel)) (A. Lascu)£720.97
Reimbursed2023-05-04Travel (Flight, London Gatwich to Orlando, Florida, USA) (A. Lascu)£622.57
Reimbursed2023-06-15Travel (Train, London Victoria to London Gatwick) (A. Lascu)£39.79
Reimbursed2023-06-17Travel (Taxi, Orlando International Airport to Marriott Village) (A. Lascu)£66.23
Reimbursed2023-06-17Food (Pret, Shop Number 189, Gatwick South Terminal) (A. Lascu)£5.25
Reimbursed2023-06-19Food (Mexas Tacos, 8788 Vineland Ave, Orlando, Florida) (A. Lascu)£13.55
Reimbursed2023-06-20Food (El Patron, 12167 South Apopka Vineland Rd, Orlando, Florida) (A. Lascu)£24.96
Reimbursed2023-06-21Food (Mexas Tacos, 8788 Vineland Ave, Orlando, Florida) (A. Lascu)£11.22
Reimbursed2023-06-22Travel (Taxi, Marriott Village to downtown Orlando) (A. Lascu)£17.18
Reimbursed2023-06-22Travel (Taxi, downtown Orlando to Orlando International Airport) (A. Lascu)£21.89
Reimbursed2023-06-22Food (Matcha Cafe Maiko, 639 North Mills Avenue, Orlando, Florida) (A. Lascu)£3.96
Reimbursed2023-06-22Food (Starbucks, Palm Court #67563, Orlando Airport) (A. Lascu)£5.01
Reimbursed2023-06-22Food (Hamburger Mary's, 110 West Church Street, Orlando, Florida) (A. Lascu)£26.85
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£2661.61
DSbD workshop
Reimbursed2023-04-27Food (Caffe Nero, Kingsway) (D. Jacob, A. Lascu, J. Singer, L. Tratt)£12.30
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£12.30
Reimbursed2023-02-28Registration (A. Lascu)£723.89
Reimbursed2023-03-08Accomodation (Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane, Dublin) (A. Lascu)£800.38
Reimbursed2023-03-17Travel (Flight, London LGW to Dublin, AerLingus) (A. Lascu)£149.49
Reimbursed2023-04-13Travel (Train, London to London LGW) (A. Lascu)£25.49
Reimbursed2023-04-16Food (Dall'italia Pastabar, 95 Talbot Street, Dublin) (A. Lascu)£12.83
Reimbursed2023-04-16Food (itsu, Gatwick Airport) (A. Lascu)£10.44
Reimbursed2023-04-16Travel (Dublin Airport to Dublin (return)) (A. Lascu)£10.62
Reimbursed2023-04-18Food (Yoi Ramen, 9 Barrow Street, Dublin) (A. Lascu)£13.70
Reimbursed2023-04-19Food (Basil's, 95 Ringsend Road, Dublin) (A. Lascu)£14.56
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£1761.40
CHERITech 23
Reimbursed2023-03-09Accomodation (Kelvingrove Hotel, Glasgow) (L. Tratt)£59.85
Reimbursed2023-03-09Travel (Flight, Bristol to Glasgow, Easyjet) (L. Tratt)£88.98
Reimbursed2023-03-09Accomodation (Kelvingrove Hotel, Glasgow) (A. Lascu)£167.40
Reimbursed2023-03-09Travel (London to Glasgow (return)) (A. Lascu)£170.40
Reimbursed2023-03-27Travel (Car Park, Bristol Airport) (L. Tratt)£61.99
Reimbursed2023-03-30Travel (Car, Glastonbury to Bristol Airport (rtn)) (L. Tratt)£44.10
Reimbursed2023-03-30Travel (Taxi, Glasgow Airport to Glasgow University) (L. Tratt)£30.00
Reimbursed2023-03-30Food (Cafe, University of Glasgow) (D. Jacob, A. Lascu, J. Singer, L. Tratt)£6.10
Reimbursed2023-03-30Food (Pret, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow) (A. Lascu)£4.25
Reimbursed2023-03-31Food (iCafe, Kelvingrove, Glasgow) (A. Lascu, L. Tratt)£12.77
Reimbursed2023-03-31Food (iCafe, Kelvingrove, Glasgow) (L. Tratt)£2.50
Reimbursed2023-03-31Travel (Taxi, Glasgow University to Glasgow Airport) (L. Tratt)£24.93
Reimbursed2023-03-31Food (Starbucks, Glasgow Airport) (L. Tratt)£5.85
Reimbursed2023-03-31Food (Starbucks, Glasgow Airport) (L. Tratt)£9.75
Reimbursed2023-03-31Food (Smashburger, Glasgow) (A. Lascu)£18.05
Reimbursed2023-04-01Food (The Bagel Factory, Edinburgh Waverley Station) (A. Lascu)£5.89
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£712.81
Research visitor
Reimbursed2023-03-14Food (KCL Cafe, Bush House) (A. Naseredini, L. Tratt)£3.60
Reimbursed2023-03-14Food (Wasabi, Kingsway) (A. Naseredini, L. Tratt)£17.90
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£21.50
DSbD All Hands
Reimbursed2022-10-12Travel (Glastonbury to Bristol Parkway (return)) (L. Tratt)£48.60
Reimbursed2022-10-12Travel (Car Parking) (L. Tratt)£8.50
Reimbursed2022-10-12Travel (Bristol Parkway to Wolverhampton (return)) (L. Tratt)£66.20
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£123.30
Reimbursed2022-08-28Posting Morello machine £28.84
Debit CapableVMs::Travel£28.84
KLEE Workshop 2022
Reimbursed2022-08-04Registration (A. Lascu)£100.00
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£100.00
UKRI visit
Reimbursed2022-05-18Food (Watchtower, Somerset House) (D. Jacob, J. Singer, L. Tratt)£16.00
Reimbursed2022-05-18Food (Watchtower, Somerset House) (J. Bramley, D. Jacob, J. Singer, L. Tratt)£13.00
Reimbursed2022-05-18Food (Watchtower, Somerset House) (J. Bramley, J. Goodacre, D. Jacob, G. Papadakis, M. Rolph, J. Singer, L. Tratt)£15.80
Reimbursed2022-05-18Food (Watchtower, Somerset House) (J. Bramley, J. Goodacre, D. Jacob, G. Papadakis, M. Rolph, J. Singer, L. Tratt)£64.93
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£109.73
Reimbursed2021-05-24Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 3 (G. De Ruvo)£2490.58
Debit CapableVMs::Travel£2490.58
Server (bencher14)
Reimbursed2020-10-01Dell R6515£7147.20
Debit CapableVMs::Travel£7147.20
SPLASH 2020 Conference
Reimbursed2020-09-29Registration (E. Barrett)£61.16
Reimbursed2020-09-30Registration (L. Diekmann)£58.46
Reimbursed2020-09-30Registration (A. Bonin)£60.25
Reimbursed2020-09-30Registration (L. Tratt)£58.50
Debit (reimbursed) Hamlet::Travel£178.12
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£60.25