CapableVMs expenses

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Detailed breakdown

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CHERITech 23
Not submitted2023-03-09Accomodation (Kelvingrove Hotel, Glasgow) (L. Tratt)£59.85
Not submitted2023-03-09Travel (Flight, Bristol to Glasgow, Easyjet) (L. Tratt)£88.98
Not submitted2023-03-09Accomodation (Kelvingrove Hotel, Glasgow) (A. Lascu)£167.40
Not submitted2023-03-09Travel (London to Glasgow (return)) (A. Lascu)£170.40
Not submitted2023-03-27Travel (Car Park, Bristol Airport) (L. Tratt)£61.99
Debit (awaiting reimbursement) CapableVMs::Travel£548.62
Not submitted2023-02-28Registration (A. Lascu)£723.89
Not submitted2023-03-08Accomodation (Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane, Dublin) (A. Lascu) (900.00 EUR)£n/a
Not submitted2023-03-17Travel (Flight, London LGW to Dublin, AerLingus) (A. Lascu)£149.49
Debit (awaiting reimbursement) CapableVMs::Travel£873.38
Research visitor
Submitted2023-03-14Food (KCL Cafe, Bush House) (A. Naseredini, L. Tratt)£3.60
Submitted2023-03-14Food (Wasabi, Kingsway) (A. Naseredini, L. Tratt)£17.90
Debit (awaiting reimbursement) CapableVMs::Travel£21.50
DSbD All Hands
Reimbursed2022-10-12Travel (Glastonbury to Bristol Parkway (return)) (L. Tratt)£48.60
Reimbursed2022-10-12Travel (Car Parking) (L. Tratt)£8.50
Reimbursed2022-10-12Travel (Bristol Parkway to Wolverhampton (return)) (L. Tratt)£66.20
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£123.30
Submitted2022-08-28Posting Morello machine £28.84
Debit (awaiting reimbursement) CapableVMs::Travel£28.84
KLEE Workshop 2022
Reimbursed2022-08-04Registration (A. Lascu)£100.00
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£100.00
UKRI visit
Reimbursed2022-05-18Food (Watchtower, Somerset House) (D. Jacob, J. Singer, L. Tratt)£16.00
Reimbursed2022-05-18Food (Watchtower, Somerset House) (J. Bramley, D. Jacob, J. Singer, L. Tratt)£13.00
Reimbursed2022-05-18Food (Watchtower, Somerset House) (J. Bramley, J. Goodacre, D. Jacob, G. Papadakis, M. Rolph, J. Singer, L. Tratt)£15.80
Reimbursed2022-05-18Food (Watchtower, Somerset House) (J. Bramley, J. Goodacre, D. Jacob, G. Papadakis, M. Rolph, J. Singer, L. Tratt)£64.93
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£109.73
Submitted2021-05-24Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 3 (G. De Ruvo)£2490.58
Debit (awaiting reimbursement) CapableVMs::Travel£2490.58
Server (bencher14)
Not submitted2020-10-01Dell R6515£7147.20
Debit (awaiting reimbursement) CapableVMs::Travel£7147.20
SPLASH 2020 Conference
Reimbursed2020-09-29Registration (E. Barrett)£61.16
Reimbursed2020-09-30Registration (L. Diekmann)£58.46
Reimbursed2020-09-30Registration (A. Bonin)£60.25
Reimbursed2020-09-30Registration (L. Tratt)£58.50
Debit (reimbursed) Hamlet::Travel£178.12
Debit (reimbursed) CapableVMs::Travel£60.25