Heterogeneous IDEs expenses

Please read the motivation for, and explanation of expenses in the Software Development Team.


BudgetInitial valueLast statementCurrent balance
Heterogeneous IDEs::Equipment£2694.00£914.16£914.16
Heterogeneous IDEs::Travel£5388.00£220.38£220.38

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Detailed breakdown

Legend: = not submitted, = submitted, = reimbursed, = accounted

Reimbursed2013-06-19 Intel 6205 wireless card (L. Diekmann) (L. Diekmann)£19.99
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Equipment£19.99
Visit Oracle Labs, Redwood City (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)
Reimbursed2013-04-12 ESTA (L. Diekmann)£9.40
Reimbursed2013-04-12ESTA (L. Tratt)£9.40
Reimbursed2013-05-12Travel (Taxi (Heathrow to Wimbledon)) (L. Tratt)£35.00
Reimbursed2013-05-12Food (WH Smith, Heathrow) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£6.64
Reimbursed2013-05-12Food (Caffe Nero, Heathrow) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£17.20
Reimbursed2013-05-12 Travel accessories (Boots, Heathrow) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£24.62
Reimbursed2013-05-12 Internet access (L. Tratt)£10.05
Reimbursed2013-05-12Food (BJ's, San Mateo) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£25.53
Reimbursed2013-05-13Food (Oracle canteen) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£11.52
Reimbursed2013-05-13Food (Shiki, San Mateo) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£45.88
Reimbursed2013-05-14Food (Peet's, San Mateo) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£6.85
Reimbursed2013-05-14Food (Oracle canteen) (L. Tratt)£4.90
Reimbursed2013-05-14Food (Oracle canteen) (L. Tratt)£5.93
Reimbursed2013-05-14Food (Oracle canteen) (L. Tratt)£2.14
Reimbursed2013-05-14 Car parking (Union Square, San Francisco) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£7.12
Reimbursed2013-05-14Food (Burritt Room, San Francisco) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt, A. Welc)£118.18
Reimbursed2013-05-15Food (Oracle canteen) (L. Diekmann)£4.49
Reimbursed2013-05-16Food (Oracle canteen) (L. Tratt)£7.13
Reimbursed2013-05-16Food (Oracle canteen) (L. Tratt)£3.21
Reimbursed2013-05-17Food (Oracle canteen) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£12.66
Reimbursed2013-05-17Food (Oracle canteen) (L. Tratt)£4.03
Reimbursed2013-05-17Food (Cetrella, Half Moon Bay) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£70.99
Reimbursed2013-05-18Food (Andersen Bakery, San Mateo) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£18.23
Reimbursed2013-05-19 Car rental (Hertz) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£283.35
Reimbursed2013-05-19Accomodation (Hyatt house, Belmont) (L. Diekmann)£807.77
Reimbursed2013-05-19Accomodation (Hyatt house, Belmont) (L. Tratt)£807.77
Reimbursed2013-05-19 Food (L. Tratt)£6.07
Reimbursed2013-05-19Food (Il Fornaio, SFO) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£22.41
Reimbursed2013-05-20 Heathrow Express (L. Tratt)£20.00
Reimbursed2013-05-20Travel (Tube (Heathrow to Mile End)) (L. Diekmann)£5.50
Reimbursed2013-05-20Food (Pattiserie Valerie, Paddington) (L. Tratt)£6.80
Reimbursed2013-05-20Travel (Train (Paddington to Taunton)) (L. Tratt)£88.00
Reimbursed2013-05-20Travel (Heathrow to Wimbledon) (L. Tratt)£30.00
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Travel£2538.77
Dagstuhl 13182 (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)
Reimbursed2013-03-18Travel (Gatwick to Luxembourg) (L. Tratt)£89.96
Reimbursed2013-03-18Travel (Luxembourg to Gatwick) (L. Tratt)£60.83
Reimbursed2013-03-19Travel (Eurostar, Cologne to London) (L. Diekmann)£50.00
Reimbursed2013-03-19Travel (EasyJet, Gatwick to Luxembourg) (L. Diekmann)£87.99
Reimbursed2013-04-28Travel (Raynes Park to Gatwick) (L. Tratt)£7.55
Reimbursed2013-04-28Travel (Victoria to Gatwick) (L. Diekmann)£14.40
Reimbursed2013-04-28Food ((Cafe Rouge, Gatwick)) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£47.50
Reimbursed2013-04-28Travel (Taxi, Luxembourg to Dagstuhl) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£101.85
Reimbursed2013-04-28Food (Sodexo, Luxembourg Airport) (L. Tratt)£3.48
Reimbursed2013-05-03Food (Sodexo, Luxembourg Airport) (T. Clark, L. Tratt)£12.09
Reimbursed2013-05-03Accommodation (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£446.86
Reimbursed2013-05-03Food (Sodexo, Luxembourg Airport) (L. Tratt)£3.05
Reimbursed2013-05-03Travel (City Airport to Waterloo) (L. Tratt)£4.50
Reimbursed2013-05-03Food (The Balcony, Waterloo) (L. Tratt)£3.15
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Travel£933.21
SSD (L. Tratt)
Reimbursed2013-04-12 Crucial M500 480GiB SSD (L. Tratt)£306.92
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Equipment£306.92
Reimbursed2013-04-05 'Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation' (L. Tratt)£52.79
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Equipment£52.79
Research meeting (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt, A. Welc)
Reimbursed2013-02-21 Food (L. Tratt)£54.45
Reimbursed2013-02-21 Food (L. Tratt)£8.60
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Travel£63.05
Visit Oracle Labs, Cambridge (L. Tratt, L. Diekmann)
Reimbursed2013-02-19Travel (Raynes Park to King's Cross) (L. Tratt)£8.90
Reimbursed2013-02-19Travel (King's Cross to Cambridge) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£30.40
Reimbursed2013-02-19Travel (Taxi) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£10.00
Reimbursed2013-02-19 Food (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£14.25
Reimbursed2013-02-19 Food (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£3.90
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Travel£67.45
Conference: POPL 2013, Rome (L. Tratt)
Reimbursed2012-01-30 Registration (L. Tratt)£432.42
Reimbursed2013-01-09Travel (London to Rome) (L. Tratt)£207.51
Reimbursed2013-01-09Accomodation (Britannia Hotel) (L. Tratt)£469.22
Reimbursed2013-01-20Travel (Taunton to Raynes Park) (L. Tratt)£36.45
Reimbursed2013-01-21Travel (Raynes Park to Gatwick) (L. Tratt)£11.40
Reimbursed2013-01-21 Food (L. Tratt)£4.08
Reimbursed2013-01-21Travel (Fimuicino to Roma Termini) (L. Tratt)£12.12
Reimbursed2013-01-21 Food (L. Tratt)£28.46
Reimbursed2013-01-21 Food (L. Tratt)£5.69
Reimbursed2013-01-23 Food (L. Tratt)£28.46
Reimbursed2013-01-26 Food (L. Tratt)£26.57
Reimbursed2013-01-26 Rome hotel tax (L. Tratt)£14.23
Reimbursed2013-01-26 Food (L. Tratt)£6.77
Reimbursed2013-01-26 Food (L. Tratt)£3.10
Reimbursed2013-01-26Travel (Roma Termini to Fiumicino) (L. Tratt)£12.12
Reimbursed2013-01-26Travel (Heathrow Express) (L. Tratt)£20.00
Reimbursed2013-01-26Travel (Paddington to Raynes Park) (L. Tratt)£6.70
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Travel£1325.30
Laptop battery
Reimbursed2013-01-08 X220 battery (L. Tratt)£77.81
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Equipment£77.81
Guest lunch (L. Tratt, R. Winder)
Reimbursed2012-12-06 Food (L. Tratt)£32.39
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Travel£32.39
Research lunch (L. Tratt, K. Androutsopoulous)
Reimbursed2012-11-07Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (L. Tratt)£17.60
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Travel£17.60
Research lunch (L. Tratt, T. Clark)
Reimbursed2012-10-10 Food (L. Tratt)£18.25
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Travel£18.25
Laptop and associated equipment (L. Diekmann)
Reimbursed2012-06-09 Logitech M570 trackball (L. Tratt)£35.86
Reimbursed2012-07-07 Lenovo X230 laptop (L. Tratt)£1057.19
Reimbursed2012-07-08 Samsung 830 SSD (L. Tratt)£77.98
Reimbursed2012-07-08 BenQ GW2450HM monitor (L. Tratt)£131.99
Reimbursed2012-07-08 Cherry Stream XT keyboard (L. Tratt)£19.31
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Equipment£1322.33
Visit Oracle Labs, Cambridge (L. Tratt)
Reimbursed2012-06-21 Accommodation (L. Tratt)£90.00
Reimbursed2012-06-21 Travel and food (L. Tratt)£81.60
Debit Heterogeneous IDEs::Travel£171.60