Lexical cross language interoperability expenses

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BudgetInitial valueLast statementCurrent balance
Lexical cross-language interoperability::Misc£1000.00£790.00£790.00

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Detailed breakdown

Legend: = not submitted, = submitted, = reimbursed, = accounted

Research Visitor
Reimbursed2015-10-23Travel (Return train, London to Manchester) (C. Seaton)£70.00
Reimbursed2015-10-23Accomodation (Holiday Inn, King's Cross) (C. Seaton)£140.00
Reimbursed2015-10-23Food (Pret a Manger, Strand) (L. Diekmann, S. Mount, C. Seaton, L. Tratt)£29.73
Reimbursed2015-10-23Food (Somerset Coffee Bar) (C. Seaton, L. Tratt)£3.80
Reimbursed2015-10-23Food (Caffe Nero, Lancaster Place) (L. Diekmann, S. Mount, C. Seaton, L. Tratt)£10.45
Reimbursed2015-10-23Food (Somerset Coffee Bar) (L. Diekmann, S. Mount, C. Seaton, L. Tratt)£5.50
Reimbursed2015-10-23Food (Pizza Express, Strand) (C. Seaton, L. Tratt)£47.00
Debit Lexical cross-language interoperability::Misc£210.00
Debit Lecture::Travel£96.48