Lecture expenses

Please read the motivation for, and explanation of expenses in the Software Development Team.


BudgetInitial valueLast statementCurrent balance
Lecture::Visiting Researcher£16080.00£8635.29£8635.29

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Detailed breakdown

Legend: = not submitted, = submitted, = reimbursed, = accounted

ECOOP 2019
Reimbursed2018-10-10Food (Caprici, Holland Street) (A. Satin, L. Tratt, M. Zampollo)£8.22
Reimbursed2018-10-10Travel (St Albans / London Travelcard) (L. Tratt)£28.10
Reimbursed2019-03-08Travel (St Albans to Shepherds Bush) (L. Tratt)£14.00
Reimbursed2019-03-08Food (The Garage, Shepherd's Bush Road) (A. Satin, L. Tratt)£8.70
Reimbursed2019-05-04Registration (L. Tratt)£663.87
Reimbursed2019-05-04Accomodation (Novotel West London) (L. Tratt)£748.00
Reimbursed2019-05-17Accomodation (Euro Hotel Hammersmith) (E. Barrett)£298.59
Reimbursed2019-05-28Accomodation (Euro Hotel Hammersmith) (J. Hughes)£337.59
Reimbursed2019-05-29Registration (E. Barrett)£662.35
Reimbursed2019-05-30Registration (L. Diekmann)£442.02
Reimbursed2019-07-14Food (Zia Lucia, Blythe Road) (E. Barrett, J. Hughes, L. Tratt)£56.00
Reimbursed2019-07-14Food (Brewdog Angel) (E. Barrett)£9.95
Reimbursed2019-07-16Food (Dove, Upper Mall) (L. Tratt)£15.95
Reimbursed2019-07-17Food (Caffe Nero, Hammersmith Broadway) (C. Hammer, L. Tratt)£8.55
Reimbursed2019-07-17Food (Novotel London West cafe) (A. Silva, P. Panangden)£7.40
Reimbursed2019-07-17Food (Novotel London West cafe) (L. Tratt)£4.00
Reimbursed2019-07-18Food (Honest Burger Hammersmith) (E. Barrett, J. Hughes)£31.00
Reimbursed2019-07-19Food (Marks and Spencer) (E. Barrett)£2.30
Debit Lecture::Travel£2710.41
Debit General fund£636.18
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2019-07-09Food (King's Cafe) (E. Barrett, L. Diekmann, J. Noble, L. Tratt)£6.90
Reimbursed2019-07-09Food (Sushi Hiroba, Kingsway) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£71.49
Debit Lecture::Travel£78.39
Research Visit
Reimbursed2019-06-07Travel (Taxi, Temple Meads to Bristol University) (L. Tratt)£10.27
Reimbursed2019-07-06Travel (St Albans to Bristol) (L. Tratt)£92.00
Reimbursed2019-07-06Food (GWR Onboard) (L. Tratt)£2.10
Reimbursed2019-07-06Food (Pret a Manger, Baldwin Road, Bristol) (L. Tratt)£2.49
Debit Lecture::Travel£106.86
Research Visit
Reimbursed2019-06-07Travel (St Albans to Bristol) (L. Tratt)£92.00
Reimbursed2019-06-07Food (WH Smith, Paddington) (L. Tratt)£1.99
Debit Lecture::Travel£93.99
PLISS 2019
Reimbursed2019-03-15Travel (Flight, Heathrow to Bologna (return), British Airways) (L. Tratt)£127.04
Reimbursed2019-05-08Registration (J. Hughes)£344.45
Reimbursed2019-05-08CEUB fee £2650.44
Reimbursed2019-05-09Travel (Flight, Gatwick to Bologna (return), Easyjet) (J. Hughes)£115.41
Reimbursed2019-05-19Travel (Taxi, St Albans to Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£55.00
Reimbursed2019-05-19Food (Pret a Manger, Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£8.48
Reimbursed2019-05-19Food (Diccia La Tua, Bologna Airport) (S. Clebsch, T. Hosking, L. Tratt)£8.49
Reimbursed2019-05-21Food (La Sverinia, Bertinoro) (PLISS students, L. Tratt)£82.82
Reimbursed2019-05-24Food (Diccia La Tua, Bologna Airport) (B. Chung, A. Ramsingh, L. Tratt)£12.02
Reimbursed2019-05-24Food (La Ghiotta, Bologna Airport) (A. Ramsingh, L. Tratt)£41.46
Reimbursed2019-05-24Food (British Airways onboard, Bologna Airport) (L. Tratt)£1.95
Reimbursed2019-05-24Travel (Taxi, Heathrow to St Albans) (L. Tratt)£51.73
Debit Lecture::Travel£2987.70
Debit (reimbursed) Lecture::Travel£51.73
Debit General fund£459.86
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2019-05-06Food (King's Cafe) (M. Fraser, L. Tratt)£3.15
Reimbursed2019-05-06Food (King's Cafe) (R. Borgo, O. Celiktutan, M. Fraser)£46.20
Reimbursed2019-05-06Food (Eat tokyo, Catherine Street) (M. Fraser, L. Tratt)£54.50
Debit Lecture::Travel£103.85
Research Visit
Reimbursed2019-04-07Travel (St Albans to Bristol) (L. Tratt)£92.00
Reimbursed2019-04-08Food (WH Smith, Paddington) (L. Tratt)£1.99
Reimbursed2019-04-08Travel (Taxi) (L. Tratt)£7.00
Reimbursed2019-04-08Food (Browns, Queens Road, Bristol) (D. May, L. Tratt)£43.56
Reimbursed2019-04-08Food (Pret a Manger, Baldwin Road, Bristol) (L. Tratt)£6.48
Reimbursed2019-04-08Food (WH Smith, Temple Meads) (L. Tratt)£1.99
Debit Lecture::Travel£153.02
Programming 2019
Reimbursed2019-02-14Travel (Flight, Stansted to Genoa (return), Ryanair) (E. Barrett)£54.64
Reimbursed2019-02-14Registration (E. Barrett)£532.27
Reimbursed2019-02-14Accomodation (Olympia Hotel, Genoa) (E. Barrett)£138.81
Reimbursed2019-03-31Travel (Train, Canterbury to Stansted Return) (E. Barrett)£96.00
Reimbursed2019-04-01Travel (Airport bus Ticket) (E. Barrett)£5.17
Reimbursed2019-04-01Food (West Cornwall Pasty Co.) (E. Barrett)£4.41
Reimbursed2019-04-02Food (Il Genovese) (E. Barrett)£19.32
Reimbursed2019-04-02Food (Dom's Cafe) (E. Barrett)£2.15
Reimbursed2019-04-02Food (Gelateria Grom) (E. Barrett)£2.50
Reimbursed2019-04-04Travel (Airport bus Ticket) (E. Barrett)£5.17
Reimbursed2019-04-04Accomodation (City Tax, Olympia Hotel, Genoa) (E. Barrett)£3.88
Reimbursed2019-04-04Food (Punto Grill) (E. Barrett)£5.26
Reimbursed2019-04-04Food (Dom's Cafe) (E. Barrett)£2.15
Debit Lecture::Travel£871.73
Reimbursed2019-03-26 'Modern Compiler Implementation in Java' (E. Barrett)£35.99
Debit Lecture::Equipment£35.99
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2019-03-04Food (The Shack, Bush House) (L. Tratt, A. Welc)£3.80
Reimbursed2019-03-04Food (Wasabi, Kingsway) (E. Barrett, J. Hughes, L. Tratt, A. Welc)£31.45
Reimbursed2019-03-04Food (Pret a Manger, Kingsway) (E. Barrett, L. Tratt, A. Welc)£4.58
Debit Lecture::Travel£39.83
Fellowship Extension Interview
Reimbursed2019-02-27Travel (St Albans to Swindon) (L. Tratt)£76.50
Reimbursed2019-02-28Food (Pret a Manger, Paddington station) (L. Tratt)£5.19
Reimbursed2019-02-28Food (Uppercrust, Swindon station) (L. Tratt)£6.84
Reimbursed2019-02-28Travel (Swindon to St Albans) (L. Tratt)£54.90
Debit General fund£131.40
Debit Lecture::Travel£12.03
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2018-11-26Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (C. Cifuentes, L. Tratt)£5.40
Reimbursed2018-11-26Food (Pret a Manger, Kingsway) (C. Cifuentes, L. Tratt)£12.91
Reimbursed2018-11-26Food (King's Cafe) (E. Barrett, C. Cifuentes, L. Diekmann, J. Hughes, L. Tratt)£9.70
Reimbursed2018-11-26Food (King's Cafe) (C. Cifuentes, L. Tratt)£4.70
Reimbursed2018-11-26Food (Sagar, Catherine Street) (E. Barrett, C. Cifuentes, L. Diekmann, J. Hughes, L. Tratt)£82.91
Reimbursed2018-11-26Food (Caffe Nero, Maiden Lane) (C. Cifuentes, L. Tratt)£4.45
Debit Lecture::Travel£120.07
Research Visit
Reimbursed2018-11-06Travel (Train, St Albans to Birmingham New Street) (L. Tratt)£64.80
Reimbursed2018-11-06Food (Pret a Manger, Birmingham New Street) (L. Tratt)£2.49
Reimbursed2018-11-06Food (West Coast Trains) (L. Tratt)£2.10
Reimbursed2018-11-06Food (Bardolino, The Cube, Birmingham) (T. Clark, L. Tratt)£39.05
Debit Lecture::Travel£108.44
Research Visit
Reimbursed2018-10-24Travel (Train, St Albans to Falmer) (L. Tratt)£45.70
Reimbursed2018-10-24Food (Cafe Coho, Brighton) (J. Hughes, L. Tratt)£14.45
Reimbursed2018-10-24Food (Cafe Coho, Brighton) (L. Tratt)£7.75
Debit Lecture::Travel£67.90
Research Visit
Reimbursed2018-09-29Travel (Taxi, St Albans to Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£39.60
Reimbursed2018-09-29Food (Pret a Manger, Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£8.37
Reimbursed2018-09-29Food (Marqette, Dublin Airport) (L. Tratt)£8.69
Reimbursed2018-10-01Travel (Taxi, Heathrow to St Albans) (L. Tratt)£42.73
Debit Lecture::Travel£99.39
Research Visit
Reimbursed2018-09-05Accomodation (Berkeley Square House, Bristol) (L. Tratt)£82.50
Reimbursed2018-09-24Travel (St Albans to Bristol, train) (L. Tratt)£52.50
Reimbursed2018-09-25Food (Caffe Nero, Paddington) (L. Tratt)£2.70
Reimbursed2018-09-25Food (Flour and Ash, Cheltenham Road, Bristol) (L. Tratt)£26.25
Reimbursed2018-09-26Food (Pret a Manger, Broadmead, Bristol) (L. Tratt)£3.59
Reimbursed2018-09-26Travel (Bristol to St Albans, train) (L. Tratt)£67.10
Reimbursed2018-09-26Logitech Presentation device (L. Tratt)£28.99
Reimbursed2018-09-26Food (Source Cafe, University of Bristol) (L. Tratt)£4.20
Reimbursed2018-09-26Travel (WH Smith, Temple Meads) (L. Tratt)£1.99
Debit (reimbursed) Lecture::Travel£82.50
Debit Lecture::Travel£187.32
Research Meeting
Reimbursed2018-09-04Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (J. Edwards, L. Tratt)£5.40
Debit Lecture::Travel£5.40
Research Visit
Reimbursed2018-08-07Food (Plum and Spilt Milk, King's Cross) (L. Tratt)£67.92
Debit Lecture::Travel£67.92
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2018-07-26Food (Pret a Manger, Strand) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£12.62
Reimbursed2018-07-26Food (Pret a Manger, Strand) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£4.58
Reimbursed2018-07-26Food (KCL Cafe, Bush House) (E. Barrett, J. Hughes, S. Mount, J. Noble, L. Tratt)£7.60
Reimbursed2018-07-26Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£8.19
Reimbursed2018-07-26Food (Caffe Nero, Bedford Street) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£7.55
Reimbursed2018-07-26Food (Brown's, St. Martin's Lane) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£73.87
Debit Lecture::Travel£114.41
ECOOP 2018
Reimbursed2018-04-09Registration (L. Tratt)£682.13
Reimbursed2018-05-09Travel (Flight, Luton to Amsterdam (return), Easyjet) (L. Tratt)£155.02
Reimbursed2018-05-09Travel (Flight, Gatwick to Amsterdam (return), Easyjet) (E. Barrett)£95.09
Reimbursed2018-05-16Accomodation (Hotel Mansion, Amsterdam) (E. Barrett)£459.94
Reimbursed2018-05-28Registration (Wednesday) (E. Barrett)£241.49
Reimbursed2018-05-29Transaction fees for registration (E. Barrett)£9.66
Reimbursed2018-05-31Registration (Thursday) (E. Barrett)£241.49
Reimbursed2018-07-06Accomodation (Movenpick, Amsterdam) (L. Tratt)£1508.89
Reimbursed2018-07-15Travel (Taxi, St Albans to Luton) (L. Tratt)£41.38
Reimbursed2018-07-15Food (WH Smith, Luton Airport) (L. Tratt)£1.99
Reimbursed2018-07-15Travel (Schipol to Amsterdam Centraal) (L. Tratt)£4.84
Reimbursed2018-07-15Travel (Train, Canterbury to Gatwick, return) (E. Barrett)£48.80
Reimbursed2018-07-15Travel (Train, Amsterdam Airport to City) (E. Barrett)£4.74
Reimbursed2018-07-15Food (Sourced market) (E. Barrett)£7.00
Reimbursed2018-07-15Food (Cafe Captein Co) (E. Barrett)£19.20
Reimbursed2018-07-15Food (Gate Gourmet) (E. Barrett)£2.50
Reimbursed2018-07-15Food (Pumpkin) (E. Barrett)£1.99
Reimbursed2018-07-16Food (Oriental City) (E. Barrett)£24.00
Reimbursed2018-07-17Travel (Taxi) (L. Tratt)£5.90
Reimbursed2018-07-17Food (Sotto) (E. Barrett)£21.26
Reimbursed2018-07-18Food (Stach, Spiegelstraat, Amsterdam) (E. Barrett, L. Tratt)£28.73
Reimbursed2018-07-18Food (IPO Coffee Gallery) (E. Barrett)£4.23
Reimbursed2018-07-18Food (IPO Coffee Gallery) (E. Barrett)£2.45
Reimbursed2018-07-18Food (West Cornwall Pasty) (E. Barrett)£2.00
Reimbursed2018-07-18Food (IPO Coffee Gallery) (E. Barrett)£4.24
Reimbursed2018-07-19Travel (Train, City to Amsterdam Airport) (E. Barrett)£4.74
Reimbursed2018-07-19Food (Bread!) (E. Barrett)£7.42
Reimbursed2018-07-19Food (Hotel Mansion, Amsterdam) (E. Barrett)£29.96
Reimbursed2018-07-20Travel (Taxi, Luton to St Albans) (L. Tratt)£28.42
Reimbursed2018-07-20Travel (Amsterdam Centraal to Schipol) (L. Tratt)£4.89
Reimbursed2018-07-20Food (Pret a Manger, Luton Airport) (L. Tratt)£3.79
Debit Lecture::Travel£3698.18
Research Visit
Reimbursed2018-06-29Travel (St Albans / London Travelcard) (L. Tratt)£28.10
Debit Lecture::Travel£28.10
Research Visitors
Reimbursed2018-06-21Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (C. Batten, B. Ilbeyi, L. Tratt)£7.65
Reimbursed2018-06-21Food (Pret a Manger, Strand) (C. Batten, B. Ilbeyi, L. Tratt)£21.11
Reimbursed2018-06-21Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (E. Barrett, C. Batten, L. Diekmann, T. Fransham, B. Ilbeyi, S. Mount, L. Tratt)£20.97
Debit Lecture::Travel£49.73
Research Visits
Reimbursed2018-01-19Travel (Flight, LHR to SFO, SEA to LHR, British Airways) (L. Tratt)£620.01
Reimbursed2018-01-19Travel (Flight, SJO to SEA, Alaska) (L. Tratt)£52.10
Reimbursed2018-03-17Accomodation (AirBNB, Palo Alto) (L. Tratt)£1332.63
Reimbursed2018-04-29ESTA Application (L. Tratt)£10.49
Reimbursed2018-05-02Tolls (WA) (L. Tratt)£28.81
Reimbursed2018-05-02Car insurance (L. Tratt)£84.99
Reimbursed2018-05-02Car rental (CA) (Enterprise) (L. Tratt)£247.81
Reimbursed2018-05-02Car rental (WA) (Enterprise) (L. Tratt)£285.39
Reimbursed2018-05-05Food (Pret a Manger, Terminal 5) (L. Tratt)£10.44
Reimbursed2018-05-05Travel (Taxi, St Albans to Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£44.96
Reimbursed2018-05-05Food (Whole Foods, Palo Alto) (L. Tratt)£29.96
Reimbursed2018-05-07Food (Cafe Venetia, Palo Alto) (L. Tratt)£2.41
Reimbursed2018-05-07Food (Cafe Venetia, Palo Alto) (L. Tratt)£4.38
Reimbursed2018-05-07Food (Whole Foods, Palo Alto) (L. Tratt)£22.14
Reimbursed2018-05-08Travel (CalTrain, Palo Alto to San Francisco, return) (L. Tratt)£12.58
Reimbursed2018-05-09Food (Coupa Cafe, Palo Alto) (L. Tratt)£6.15
Reimbursed2018-05-09Food (Whole Foods, Palo Alto) (L. Tratt)£17.60
Reimbursed2018-05-11Travel (CalTrain, Palo Alto to San Francisco, return) (L. Tratt)£12.58
Reimbursed2018-05-11Food (The Creamery, San Francisco) (L. Tratt)£11.44
Reimbursed2018-05-11Food (The Creamery, San Francisco) (L. Tratt)£3.24
Reimbursed2018-05-11Food (Whole Foods, Palo Alto) (L. Tratt)£13.77
Reimbursed2018-05-12Travel (Petrol, Chevron, San Francisco) (L. Tratt)£18.20
Reimbursed2018-05-16 Internet access (L. Tratt)£3.79
Reimbursed2018-05-17Food (Microsoft Cafeteria, Redmond) (L. Tratt)£6.07
Reimbursed2018-05-18Travel (Car Parking, Dexter Avenue, Seattle) (L. Tratt)£5.35
Reimbursed2018-05-22Travel (Petrol, Seattle) (L. Tratt)£17.03
Reimbursed2018-05-22Travel (Taxi, Heathrow to St Albans) (L. Tratt)£47.49
Debit Lecture::Travel£2951.81
Reimbursed2018-02-27 'The Garbage Collection Handbook: The Art of Automatic Memory Management' (L. Tratt)£62.69
Debit Lecture::Equipment£62.69
Research Visit
Reimbursed2018-01-17Travel (Flight, Luton to Glasgow, Easyjet) (L. Tratt)£34.15
Reimbursed2018-02-06Food (Pret a Manger, Euston) (L. Tratt)£8.98
Reimbursed2018-02-06 Internet access (Virgin Trains) (L. Tratt)£5.00
Reimbursed2018-02-06Food (Onboard, Virgin Trains) (L. Tratt)£5.50
Reimbursed2018-02-06Travel (Taxi, Glasgow Central to University) (L. Tratt)£8.00
Debit Lecture::Travel£61.63
Research Visit
Reimbursed2018-02-05Travel (Train, St. Albans to Cambridge return) (L. Tratt)£46.30
Debit Lecture::Travel£46.30
Research Visit
Reimbursed2018-01-22Travel (Train, St. Albans to Canterbury return) (L. Tratt)£46.80
Debit Lecture::Travel£46.80
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2018-01-09Food (King's cafe) (A. Colyer, L. Tratt)£2.30
Debit Lecture::Travel£2.30
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2018-01-09Food (King's cafe) (E. Barrett, L. Tratt, G. Yorsh)£4.90
Reimbursed2018-01-09Food (King's cafe) (E. Barrett, L. Tratt, G. Yorsh)£7.65
Debit Lecture::Travel£12.55
Reimbursed2017-12-18Food (Fire and Stone (deposit)) (L. Diekmann)£50.00
Reimbursed2017-12-19Name badge inserts (L. Tratt)£16.26
Reimbursed2017-12-19Name badge holders (L. Tratt)£15.99
Reimbursed2018-01-02Food (King's catering) (S. REPLS Attendees)£1600.60
Reimbursed2018-01-05Food (Fire and Stone, Maiden Lane) (S. REPLS Attendees)£292.02
Debit Lecture::Other£1974.87
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2017-11-22Travel (Eurostar return, Paris to London) (G. Scherer)£163.10
Reimbursed2017-11-22Food (8th floor, Bush House) (G. Scherer, L. Tratt)£2.80
Reimbursed2017-11-22Food (8th floor, Bush House) (M. Fernandez, G. Scherer, L. Tratt)£20.37
Reimbursed2017-12-13Bank charges £2.59
Debit Lecture::Travel£188.86
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2017-12-03Food (King's cafe) (E. Barrett, J. Hughes, L. Tratt, A. Welc)£7.30
Reimbursed2017-12-03Food (Wasabi, Kingsway) (L. Tratt, A. Welc)£16.20
Debit Lecture::Travel£23.50
Reimbursed2017-08-20ESTA Visa Waiver Application (E. Barrett)£4.21
Reimbursed2017-08-22Travel (Flight, London to Vancouver (WestJet)) (E. Barrett)£539.32
Reimbursed2017-09-11Accomodation (Century Plaza Hotel, Vancouver) (E. Barrett)£668.47
Reimbursed2017-09-11Travel (Return coach, Coventry to London Gatwick) (S. Mount)£70.00
Reimbursed2017-09-11Travel (Flight, London to Vancouver) (S. Mount)£388.52
Reimbursed2017-09-11Accomodation (Century Plaza Hotel, Vancouver) (S. Mount)£750.49
Reimbursed2017-09-12Registration (E. Barrett)£787.77
Reimbursed2017-09-21SPLASH Registration (S. Mount)£754.27
Reimbursed2017-09-21Gold Open Access Fee (S. Mount)£295.00
Reimbursed2017-10-18ESTA Visa Waiver Application (S. Mount)£4.21
Reimbursed2017-10-20Travel (Checked bag, outbound) (E. Barrett)£15.17
Reimbursed2017-10-20Travel (Train: Vancouver Airport to hotel (part)) (S. Mount)£0.73
Reimbursed2017-10-20Travel (Train: Vancouver Airport to hotel (part)) (S. Mount)£4.59
Reimbursed2017-10-21Food (Eat) (E. Barrett)£8.99
Reimbursed2017-10-21Food (Boots) (E. Barrett)£11.28
Reimbursed2017-10-21Travel (Train: Canterbury to Gatwick return) (E. Barrett)£47.20
Reimbursed2017-10-21Food (Sushi Maki) (S. Mount, E. Barrett)£11.61
Reimbursed2017-10-22Food (Century Plaza, B-Cafe) (E. Barrett)£2.20
Reimbursed2017-10-22Food (India Gate) (E. Barrett, S. Mount)£23.74
Reimbursed2017-10-22Food (YaleTown Brewing Co. Restaurant) (E. Barrett)£21.29
Reimbursed2017-10-23Food (Hyatt Regency Hotel) (E. Barrett)£2.98
Reimbursed2017-10-24Food (Hyatt Regency Hotel) (E. Barrett)£2.35
Reimbursed2017-10-24Food (Century Plaza, B-Cafe) (E. Barrett)£4.08
Reimbursed2017-10-25Food (Shabusen) (E. Barrett)£18.79
Reimbursed2017-10-25Food (Hyatt Regency Hotel) (E. Barrett, S. Mount)£4.52
Reimbursed2017-10-25Food (Shabusen) (S. Mount)£18.39
Reimbursed2017-10-26Food (Sushi Maki) (S. Mount)£5.50
Reimbursed2017-10-28Century Plaza Hotel food tax (S. Mount)£11.61
Reimbursed2017-10-28Travel (Train: Vancouver Airport to hotel (part)) (S. Mount)£5.85
Reimbursed2017-10-28Food (Hudson News) (S. Mount)£2.07
Reimbursed2017-10-28Food (Sushi Maki) (S. Mount)£5.50
Reimbursed2017-10-28Food (Gatwick Costa) (S. Mount)£6.25
Reimbursed2017-11-03Travel (Checked bag, return) (E. Barrett)£15.17
Reimbursed2017-11-21Travel (Train: Vancouver Airport to hotel) (E. Barrett)£4.69
Debit Lecture::Travel£4516.81
Research Visit
Reimbursed2017-11-21Travel (Train: St Albans to Mile End return) (L. Tratt)£21.00
Reimbursed2017-11-21Food (Costa Coffee, Blackfriars) (L. Tratt)£1.75
Debit Lecture::Travel£22.75
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2017-11-15Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (M. Christerson, L. Tratt)£11.52
Reimbursed2017-11-15Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (M. Christerson, L. Tratt)£5.36
Debit Lecture::Travel£16.88
Benchmarking equipment (benchers 10, 11, and 12)
Reimbursed2017-11-133xDell R330£3750.03
Debit Lecture::Equipment£3750.03
Needham Lecture
Reimbursed2017-11-13Registration (L. Tratt)£30.00
Debit Lecture::Travel£30.00
Reimbursed2017-10-10Lenovo X1 Carbon (E. Barrett, J. Hughes)£2895.36
Reimbursed2017-10-10Lenovo X1 Carbon (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£2895.36
Debit General fund£2895.36
Debit Lecture::Equipment£2895.36
S-REPLS 7, Coventry
Reimbursed2017-09-25Travel (Car, St Albans to Coventry) (L. Tratt)£35.10
Reimbursed2017-09-25Travel (Car park) (L. Tratt)£4.00
Debit Lecture::Travel£39.10
ARM Research Summit
Reimbursed2017-08-17Registration (L. Tratt)£390.00
Reimbursed2017-09-11Travel (Car, St Albans to Cambridge) (L. Tratt)£41.40
Reimbursed2017-09-12Travel (Car, St Albans to Cambridge) (L. Tratt)£41.40
Debit Lecture::Travel£472.80
Amazon Web Services
Reimbursed2017-09-08 Hire of 32-core machine (S. Mount)£93.22
Debit Lecture::Equipment£93.22
Research Visit
Reimbursed2017-07-28Travel (Car, St Albans to Cambridge) (L. Tratt)£41.40
Debit Lecture::Travel£41.40
Laptop bag
Reimbursed2017-07-06Laptop bag£46.70
Debit Lecture::Equipment£46.70
ECOOP 2017
Reimbursed2017-05-14Travel (Flight, Luton to Barcelona return, EasyJet) (E. Barrett)£115.97
Reimbursed2017-05-15Travel (Flight, Berlin to Barcelona, Eurowings) (J. Schulz)£71.80
Reimbursed2017-05-16Accomodation (AirBNB, Barcelona) (E. Barrett, J. Schulz)£500.50
Reimbursed2017-05-16Accomodation (AirBNB, Barcelona) (E. Barrett, J. Schulz)£500.50
Reimbursed2017-05-17Accomodation (U232 Hotel, Barcelona) (L. Tratt)£693.09
Reimbursed2017-05-17Travel (Flight, Heathrow to Barcelona return, British Airways) (L. Tratt)£264.41
Reimbursed2017-05-18Registration (L. Tratt)£620.57
Reimbursed2017-05-18Registration (E. Barrett)£554.74
Reimbursed2017-05-18Farmacia Torres (E. Barrett)£9.11
Reimbursed2017-05-20Travel (Flight, Barcelona to Munich, Transavia) (J. Schulz)£68.90
Reimbursed2017-06-17Travel (Metro ticket: 10 rides) (E. Barrett)£8.75
Reimbursed2017-06-17Travel (Train: Canterbury to Luton Return) (E. Barrett)£43.30
Reimbursed2017-06-17Food (Salteris, Barcelona) (E.Barrett, J. Schulz)£13.64
Reimbursed2017-06-17Food (Alcoba Azul, Barcelona) (E. Barrett)£13.42
Reimbursed2017-06-17Travel (Shuttle Bus, Luton Station) (E. Barrett)£3.40
Reimbursed2017-06-17Travel (Airport Transfer, Berlin) (J. Schulz)£2.99
Reimbursed2017-06-17Travel (Airport Transfer Return, Barcelona) (J. Schulz)£8.98
Reimbursed2017-06-17Travel (10 Journey Ticket, Barcelona) (J. Schulz)£8.76
Reimbursed2017-06-17Food (Hidden, Barcelona) (J. Schulz)£8.18
Reimbursed2017-06-17Food (Matsuya, Barcelona) (J. Schulz)£15.84
Reimbursed2017-06-18Food (Pret a Manger, Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£17.43
Reimbursed2017-06-18Travel (Taxi, St Albans to Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£55.00
Reimbursed2017-06-18Travel (Taxi, El Prat airport to U232) (L. Tratt)£31.92
Reimbursed2017-06-18Food (El Pintxo de Petritxol, Barcelona) (E. Barrett, J. Schulz)£13.48
Reimbursed2017-06-18Food (Santaglor, Barcelona) (J. Schulz)£2.60
Reimbursed2017-06-19Travel (Metro ticket: 10 rides) (E. Barrett)£8.75
Reimbursed2017-06-19Food (Leku, Barcelona) (E. Barrett)£18.91
Reimbursed2017-06-19Food (Vertex Cafe, Barcelona) (J. Schulz)£1.63
Reimbursed2017-06-20Travel (Barcelona Travel Carnet) (L. Tratt)£9.07
Reimbursed2017-06-20Food (Central Park Barcelona) (L. Tratt)£18.24
Reimbursed2017-06-20Travel (Taxi, Hotel Eurostars Grand Marina to U232) (L. Tratt)£9.12
Reimbursed2017-06-20Food (Crocante, Barcelona) (E. Barrett)£8.65
Reimbursed2017-06-20Travel (10 Journey Ticket, Barcelona) (J. Schulz)£8.76
Reimbursed2017-06-20Food (Vertex Cafe, Barcelona) (J. Schulz)£1.54
Reimbursed2017-06-21Food (The Family Room, Barcelona) (E. Barrett, J. Schulz)£23.44
Reimbursed2017-06-22Travel (Taxi, Gothic Quarter to U232) (L. Tratt)£5.47
Reimbursed2017-06-22Food (Sodexo Iberia, Barcelona) (E. Barrett, L. Tratt)£2.99
Reimbursed2017-06-23Hotel City Tax (L. Tratt)£5.58
Reimbursed2017-06-23Travel (Travelcard) (L. Tratt)£12.30
Reimbursed2017-06-23Travel (Taxi, U232 to El Prat airport) (L. Tratt)£27.36
Reimbursed2017-06-23Food (Onboard, British Airways) (L. Tratt)£10.05
Reimbursed2017-06-23Food (M and S, London St. Pancras) (E. Barrett)£5.09
Reimbursed2017-06-23Food (Barcelona Airport) (E. Barrett)£7.83
Reimbursed2017-06-23Travel (Airport Transfer Munich) (J. Schulz)£9.86
Reimbursed2017-06-23Food (Hidden, Barcelona) (E. Barrett, J. Schulz)£10.56
Reimbursed2017-06-23Food (Cafe di Fiori, Barcelona) (J. Schulz)£10.69
Debit Lecture::Travel£2950.82
Debit General fund£903.24
Debit Cooler::Travel£9.11
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2017-06-17Food (Notes, Granary Square) (L. Tratt, A. Welc)£25.00
Debit Lecture::Travel£25.00
PLISS 2017
Reimbursed2017-04-10Travel (Flight, Heathrow to Bologna, British Airways) (L. Tratt)£141.09
Reimbursed2017-04-10Travel (Flight, Bologna to Gatwick, EasyJet) (L. Tratt)£89.01
Reimbursed2017-04-12Travel (Flight, Bologna to Gatwick, EasyJet) (G. Moldovan)£60.56
Reimbursed2017-04-13Registration (G. Moldovan)£348.00
Reimbursed2017-04-14Travel (Flight, Heathrow to Bologna, British Airways) (G. Moldovan)£123.70
Reimbursed2017-04-17Registration £350.82
Reimbursed2017-05-07Travel (Bus, Victoria to Heathrow) (G. Moldovan)£11.00
Reimbursed2017-05-17Travel (Flight, Heathrow to Bologna, British Airways) (J. Hughes)£124.93
Reimbursed2017-05-17Travel (Flight, Bologna to Gatwick, EasyJet) £60.58
Reimbursed2017-05-20Travel (Taxi, St. Albans to Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£50.00
Reimbursed2017-05-20Food (Pret a Manger, Heathrow T5) (L. Tratt)£13.67
Reimbursed2017-05-26Registration (L. Tratt)£426.49
Reimbursed2017-05-27Travel (Taxi, Bertinoro to Bologna Airport) (J. Franco, J. Hughes, G. Moldovan, L. Tratt)£131.00
Reimbursed2017-05-27Food (EasyJet shop) (L. Tratt)£1.80
Reimbursed2017-05-27Food (Caffe Nero, Gatwick) (L. Tratt)£2.60
Reimbursed2017-05-27Travel (Train, Gatwick to St. Albans) (L. Tratt)£17.30
Reimbursed2017-05-27Travel (Bus, Heathrow to Victoria) (G. Moldovan)£16.00
Reimbursed2017-05-27Food (La Ghiotta, Bologna Airport) (L. Tratt)£55.85
Debit Lecture::Travel£1465.14
Debit Cooler::Summer School£559.26
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2017-03-30Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (L. Diekmann, S. Mount, L. Tratt, M. Van De Vanter)£11.03
Reimbursed2017-03-30Food (Pret a Manger, Strand) (L. Diekmann, S. Mount, L. Tratt, M. Van De Vanter)£20.82
Reimbursed2017-03-30Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (L. Diekmann, S. Mount, L. Tratt, M. Van De Vanter)£10.89
Reimbursed2017-03-30Food (Pizza Express, Strand) (L. Diekmann, M. Haupt, S. Mount, L. Tratt, M. Van De Vanter)£90.00
Debit Lecture::Travel£132.74
EPSRC ECR workshop
Reimbursed2017-03-03Travel (Return train, St. Albans to Cardiff) (L. Tratt)£103.90
Reimbursed2017-03-06Food (Marks and Spencer, Paddington) (L. Tratt)£5.29
Reimbursed2017-03-06Food (Jurys Inn Cardiff) (L. Tratt)£5.60
Reimbursed2017-03-06Food (Upper Crust, Cardiff Station) (L. Tratt)£3.84
Debit Lecture::Travel£118.63
Research Visit
Reimbursed2017-02-21Accomodation (Ten Hill Place, Edinburgh) (L. Tratt)£200.00
Reimbursed2017-02-21Travel (Train, St Albans to Edinburgh) (L. Tratt)£127.30
Reimbursed2017-02-27Food (Pret a Manger, King's Cross) (L. Tratt)£9.43
Reimbursed2017-02-27Food (Foodbar, Virgin East Coast) (L. Tratt)£5.10
Reimbursed2017-02-28Food (Viva Mexico, Cockburn Street) (J. Gabbay, S. Lindley, S. Obua, L. Tratt)£104.43
Reimbursed2017-03-01Food (Pret a Manger, North Bridge, Edinburgh) (L. Tratt)£10.17
Reimbursed2017-03-01Food (Foodbar, Virgin East Coast) (L. Tratt)£3.60
Debit Lecture::Travel£460.03
Research Visit
Reimbursed2017-02-20Travel (Car, St Albans to Cambridge) (L. Tratt)£36.80
Debit Lecture::Travel£36.80
S-REPLS 5 2017, Oxford
Reimbursed2016-11-23Travel (Train, Canley to Oxford) (S. Mount)£24.06
Reimbursed2017-01-05Accomodation (Lakeside Guest House, Oxford) (L. Tratt)£80.75
Reimbursed2017-01-11Travel (Train, Canterbury to Oxford) (E. Barrett)£100.90
Reimbursed2017-01-11Food (WH Smith, Oxford) (E. Barrett)£2.41
Reimbursed2017-01-12Travel (Train, St Albans to Oxford) (L. Tratt)£36.20
Reimbursed2017-01-12Food (WH Smith, Marylebone) (L. Tratt)£2.29
Reimbursed2017-01-13Travel (Train, Oxford to St Albans) (L. Tratt)£36.20
Reimbursed2017-01-13Food (Taylors, Woodstock Road, Oxford) (E. Barrett, S. Mount, L. Tratt)£15.40
Reimbursed2017-01-13Food (Taylors, Woodstock Road, Oxford) (E. Barrett, S. Mount, L. Tratt)£8.10
Reimbursed2017-01-13Food (M and S, Oxford Station) (E. Barrett, L. Tratt)£17.05
Debit Lecture::Travel£220.05
Debit Cooler::Travel£103.31
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2016-12-15Food (Caffe Nero, Kingsway) (L. Diekmann, J. Hughes, J. Schulz, L. Tratt)£11.00
Reimbursed2016-12-15Food (Wasabi, Kingsway) (E. Barrett, L. Diekmann, J. Hughes, J. Schulz, L. Tratt)£45.96
Reimbursed2016-12-15Food (Caffe Nero, Kingsway) (E. Barrett, J. Hughes, J. Schulz, L. Tratt)£8.75
Debit Lecture::Travel£65.71
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2015-12-14Accomodation (AirBnB, Osborn Street) (J. Hughes)£52.00
Reimbursed2016-12-14Travel (Return train, Brighton to London) (J. Hughes)£20.80
Debit Lecture::Travel£72.80
Laptop (S. Mount)
Reimbursed2016-12-14Lenovo ThinkPad 4th X1 Carbon£1726.80
Debit Lecture::Equipment£1726.80
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2016-11-29Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (M. Berger, L. Tratt)£5.18
Debit Lecture::Travel£5.18
Reimbursed2016-08-05Accomodation (AirBNB, Passeerdersstraat, Amsterdam) (L. Tratt)£635.00
Reimbursed2016-08-08Accomodation (Teleport Hotel, Amsterdam) (J. Schulz)£482.90
Reimbursed2016-08-16Accomodation (Pension Homeland, Amsterdam) (L. Diekmann)£471.00
Reimbursed2016-09-07Travel (Flight London to Amsterdam, CityJet) (L. Diekmann)£170.80
Reimbursed2016-09-28Registration (L. Tratt)£892.48
Reimbursed2016-09-29Registration (L. Diekmann)£890.76
Reimbursed2016-10-02Food (The Pancake Bakery, Amsterdam) (L. Diekmann)£14.24
Reimbursed2016-10-05Travel (Flight, London to Amsterdam, British Airways) (L. Tratt)£144.31
Reimbursed2016-10-05Travel (Flight London to Amsterdam, FlyBE) (J. Schulz)£85.99
Reimbursed2016-10-05Travel (Flight Amsterdam to Berlin, Easyjet) (J. Schulz)£88.34
Reimbursed2016-10-29Travel (Taxi, Raynes Park to Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£35.00
Reimbursed2016-10-29Travel (Bus, Schipol to Leidesplein) (L. Tratt)£4.66
Reimbursed2016-10-29Food (Pret a Manger, Heathrow T5) (L. Tratt)£15.07
Reimbursed2016-10-29Food (Albert Heijn, Elandsgracht) (L. Tratt)£15.92
Reimbursed2016-10-29Travel (Train Schipol to Sloterdijk) (J. Schulz)£4.10
Reimbursed2016-10-29Food (Illy Coffee, London City Airport) (J. Schulz)£9.69
Reimbursed2016-10-29Food (Geisha Restaurant, Amsterdam) (J. Schulz)£17.81
Reimbursed2016-10-30Food (Mojo, Oosterdokskade, Amsterdam) (L. Tratt)£34.47
Reimbursed2016-10-30Food (Out Hollands, Amsterdam) (L. Diekmann, J. Schulz)£44.59
Reimbursed2016-10-31Food (La Cubanita, Binnen Bantammerstraat, Amsterdam) (L. Tratt)£41.18
Reimbursed2016-10-31Food (Eet En BierenCafe) (J. Schulz)£14.56
Reimbursed2016-10-31Food (BnB Lunchroom) (J. Schulz)£4.55
Reimbursed2016-10-31Hotel City Tax (L. Diekmann)£25.13
Reimbursed2016-10-31Food (De Brabantse Aap, Amsterdam) (L. Diekmann)£12.78
Reimbursed2016-10-31Travel (Train Amsterdam Airport - Amsterdam Centraal) (L. Diekmann)£5.07
Reimbursed2016-11-01Food (Delirium Cafe, Piet Heinkade, Amsterdam) (L. Diekmann, R. Ierusalimschy, S. Marr, J. Schulz, L. Tratt)£88.49
Reimbursed2016-11-02Food (Indrapura, Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam) (L. Tratt)£41.09
Reimbursed2016-11-03Food (The Pancake Bakery, Prinsengracht, Amsterdam) (L. Diekmann, J. Schulz, L. Tratt)£36.44
Reimbursed2016-11-03Travel (5x Return Train Sloterdijk to Amsterdam Central) (J. Schulz)£24.57
Reimbursed2016-11-04Travel (Tram, Elandsgracht to Lelyln) (L. Tratt)£2.65
Reimbursed2016-11-04Travel (Train, Lelyln to Schipol) (L. Tratt)£2.80
Reimbursed2016-11-04Food (Harvest Market, Schipol, Amsterdam) (L. Tratt)£8.61
Reimbursed2016-11-04Travel (Train, Gatwick to Raynes Park) (L. Tratt)£12.40
Reimbursed2016-11-04Travel (Train Amsterdam Central to Schipol) (J. Schulz)£4.73
Reimbursed2016-11-04Travel (2x Train Sloterdijk to Amsterdam Central) (J. Schulz)£5.82
Reimbursed2016-11-04Food (HMSHost Schiphol Airport) (J. Schulz)£7.96
Reimbursed2016-11-04Travel (Train Amsterdam Centraal - Amsertdam Airport) (L. Diekmann)£5.12
Reimbursed2016-11-08Travel (Train Stansted Airport) (J. Schulz)£19.00
Debit Lecture::Travel£3319.04
Debit Cooler::Travel£1101.04
VM Meetup Lugano
Reimbursed2016-07-29Travel (Flights London to Milan) (J. Schulz)£64.25
Reimbursed2016-07-29Travel (Acquarello Swiss Quality Hotel, Lugano) (J. Schulz)£169.07
Reimbursed2016-07-29Travel (City Tax, Lugano) (J. Schulz)£4.98
Reimbursed2016-08-10Travel (Train to Stansted Airport) (J. Schulz)£28.69
Reimbursed2016-08-10Travel (Flight Milan to Berlin) (J. Schulz)£30.28
Reimbursed2016-08-31Food (Harris + Hoole Stansted) (J. Schulz)£6.95
Reimbursed2016-08-31Travel (Bus MXP to Lugano, Return) (J. Schulz)£29.75
Reimbursed2016-08-31Food (Natural Food, Lugano) (J. Schulz)£6.59
Reimbursed2016-08-31Food (etnic, Lugano) (J. Schulz)£24.02
Reimbursed2016-09-02Food (Burger King, Malpensa Airport) (J. Schulz)£8.06
Debit Lecture::Travel£372.64
Meta-programming Summer School, Cambridge
Reimbursed2016-08-08Food (Caffe Nero, King's Cross) (L.Tratt)£2.40
Reimbursed2016-08-08Travel (Return train, Raynes Park to Cambridge) (L. Tratt)£38.50
Reimbursed2016-08-08Travel (Taxi, Cambridge station to Robinson College) (L. Tratt)£9.00
Reimbursed2016-08-08Food (Orchard Tea Gardens, Grantchester) (L.Tratt)£14.00
Reimbursed2016-08-12Travel (Taxi, Robinson College to Cambridge station) (L. Tratt)£10.00
Debit Lecture::Travel£73.90
Research Visitors
Reimbursed2016-07-26Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (T. Jones, J. Noble, L. Tratt)£4.50
Reimbursed2016-07-26Food (Wasabi, Kingsway) (T. Jones, J. Noble, R. Klapaukh, L. Tratt)£25.85
Reimbursed2016-07-26Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (T. Jones, J. Noble, R. Klapaukh, L. Tratt)£16.92
Reimbursed2016-07-27Food (Rossopomodoro, St. Martin's Lane) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£38.59
Reimbursed2016-07-28Food (The Ninth, Charlotte Street) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£100.00
Reimbursed2016-08-02Food (Honey and Co, Warren Street) (S. Drossopoulou, L.Tratt)£67.95
Debit Lecture::Travel£253.81
ECOOP 2016
Reimbursed2016-05-10Accomodation (Eurostars International Palace) (C. F. Bolz)£725.43
Reimbursed2016-05-10Accomodation (Eurostars International Palace) (L. Diekmann)£628.32
Reimbursed2016-05-12Accomodation (Starhotels Metropole) (L. Tratt)£607.87
Reimbursed2016-05-13Accomodation (Starhotels Metropole (Expedia Booking)) (E. Barrett)£574.09
Reimbursed2016-05-13Accomodation (Starhotels Metropole) (J. Schulz)£605.15
Reimbursed2016-05-13Registration (C. F. Bolz)£512.00
Reimbursed2016-05-13Registration (L. Diekmann)£526.49
Reimbursed2016-05-14Registration (L. Tratt)£527.72
Reimbursed2016-05-15Travel (Train Rome to Zurich) (C. F. Bolz)£41.48
Reimbursed2016-05-16Accomodation (Starhotels Metropole) (S. Mount)£571.30
Reimbursed2016-05-17Registration (E. Barrett)£508.02
Reimbursed2016-05-17Travel (Flight, London to Rome) (E. Barrett)£154.34
Reimbursed2016-05-17Travel (Flight, London to Rome) (L. Diekmann)£73.99
Reimbursed2016-05-17Travel (Flight, Rome to Cologne) (L. Diekmann)£29.38
Reimbursed2016-06-01Registration (S. Mount)£503.83
Reimbursed2016-06-03Travel (Flight, Rome to Berlin) (J. Schulz)£56.63
Reimbursed2016-06-07Travel (Flight, London Gatwick to Rome, Vueling) (L. Tratt)£238.73
Reimbursed2016-06-07Travel (Return Flight, Birmingham to Rome) (S. Mount)£171.63
Reimbursed2016-06-09Accomodation (Piram Hotel, Rome) (J. Schulz)£119.00
Reimbursed2016-06-09Travel (Flight, London to Rome) (J. Schulz)£75.47
Reimbursed2016-06-09Travel (Train to Stansted Airport) (J. Schulz)£22.69
Reimbursed2016-06-17Travel (Return train, Raynes Park to Gatwick) (L. Tratt)£24.40
Reimbursed2016-06-22Travel (Return Train, Canley to Birmingham International) (S. Mount)£3.30
Reimbursed2016-07-11Travel (Flight, Cologne to London) (L. Diekmann)£35.30
Reimbursed2016-07-12Travel (National Express, London Stansted, Return) (L. Diekmann)£14.00
Reimbursed2016-07-16Accomodation (Starhotels Metropole (city tax and breakfast)) (E. Barrett)£53.47
Reimbursed2016-07-16Accomodation (Starhotels Metropole (one breakfast)) (E. Barrett)£6.74
Reimbursed2016-07-16Travel (Bus Airport to Rome) (J. Schulz)£4.17
Reimbursed2016-07-16Food (Harris + Hoole Stansted) (J. Schulz)£2.50
Reimbursed2016-07-16Food (Trieste Pizza) (J. Schulz)£7.22
Reimbursed2016-07-16Food (Trattoria "Cecio MMVII") (J. Schulz)£16.15
Reimbursed2016-07-16Food (Gallo Matto) (J. Schulz)£12.75
Reimbursed2016-07-16Travel (Train Duisburg to Munich) (C. F. Bolz)£70.00
Reimbursed2016-07-16Travel (Train Munich to Rome) (C. F. Bolz)£52.48
Reimbursed2016-07-16Travel (7 Day Ticket Bus Rome) (C. F. Bolz)£20.87
Reimbursed2016-07-16Food (Universo Vegano) (C. F. Bolz)£13.91
Reimbursed2016-07-16Travel (Bus, Rome Airport to Hotel) (L. Diekmann)£6.72
Reimbursed2016-07-17Food (Pret a Manger, Gatwick) (L. Tratt)£17.89
Reimbursed2016-07-17Travel (Train, Fiumcino to Rome Termini) (L. Tratt)£12.13
Reimbursed2016-07-17Food (Il Grillo Brillo, Via dei Serpenti) (L. Tratt)£31.86
Reimbursed2016-07-17Food (Nandos, Gatwick) (E. Barrett)£10.15
Reimbursed2016-07-17Travel (Train, Canterbury to Gatwick) (E. Barrett)£46.50
Reimbursed2016-07-17Travel (Taxi, Fiumicino to Hotel) (E. Barrett)£22.63
Reimbursed2016-07-17Food (Plane) (E. Barrett)£2.30
Reimbursed2016-07-17Travel (Train, Fiumicino Airport to Rome Termini) (S. Mount)£11.74
Reimbursed2016-07-17Food (WH Smith, Birmingham International Airport) (S. Mount)£1.89
Reimbursed2016-07-17Food (Casual Food GMBH, Frankfurt Airport) (S. Mount)£3.69
Reimbursed2016-07-17Food (MA. DA. SRL, 250 Via Nationale, Rome) (S. Mount)£10.90
Reimbursed2016-07-17Food (Ops!) (C. F. Bolz)£27.91
Reimbursed2016-07-17Food (La Matriciana, Rome) (L. Diekmann)£26.00
Reimbursed2016-07-18Food (Caffe Costantino, Via Quattro Novembre) (E. Barrett, L. Diekmann, R. Garcia, P. Lam, S. Mount, J. Schulz, L. Tratt)£19.47
Reimbursed2016-07-19Food (Caffe Costantino, Via Quattro Novembre) (L. Tratt)£2.55
Reimbursed2016-07-19Food (Da Diego, Vicolo Sciarra) (E. Barrett, L. Diekmann, S. Marr, S. Mount, M. Rigger, L. Tratt)£82.66
Reimbursed2016-07-19Food (Origano) (C. F. Bolz)£20.00
Reimbursed2016-07-19Food (Universo Vegano) (C. F. Bolz)£16.78
Reimbursed2016-07-20Food (Il Lucano, Via di Torre Argentina) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, L. Diekmann, S. Mount, L. Tratt)£121.47
Reimbursed2016-07-20Food (Origano) (C. F. Bolz)£16.52
Reimbursed2016-07-21Food (Mondadori Electa Spa) (E. Barrett)£2.20
Reimbursed2016-07-22Food (Sant'Eustachio Il Cafe) (E. Barrett, L. Diekmann, S. Mount, L. Tratt)£11.60
Reimbursed2016-07-22Accomodation (Rome City Tax) (L. Tratt)£26.01
Reimbursed2016-07-22Travel (Train, Rome Termini to Fiumcino) (E. Barrett, S. Mount, L. Tratt)£36.40
Reimbursed2016-07-22Food (Autogrill, Rome Fiumcino) (L. Tratt)£6.24
Reimbursed2016-07-22Food (Autogrill, Rome Fiumcino) (L. Tratt)£14.04
Reimbursed2016-07-22Food (Autogrill, Rome Fiumicino) (E. Barrett)£6.74
Reimbursed2016-07-22Travel (Uber, London Victoria to Shadwell) (E. Barrett)£18.16
Reimbursed2016-07-22City Tax (J. Schulz)£5.10
Reimbursed2016-07-22City Tax (J. Schulz)£25.50
Reimbursed2016-07-22Travel (Train to Rome Airport) (J. Schulz)£11.90
Reimbursed2016-07-22Food (Bistrot Fiumicino) (J. Schulz)£5.95
Reimbursed2016-07-22City Tax (S. Mount)£25.16
Reimbursed2016-07-22Food (News and Sports Bar, Munich Airport) (S. Mount)£8.80
Reimbursed2016-07-23Food (Sourced, St. Pancras) (E. Barrett)£4.80
Debit Cooler::Travel£3826.74
Debit Lecture::Travel£4504.44
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2016-07-12Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (A. Donaldson, L. Tratt)£14.58
Debit Lecture::Travel£14.58
Virtual Machine Summer School (VMSS)
Reimbursed2015-11-17Cumberland Lodge deposit £3911.63
Reimbursed2016-04-11Visa (A. Abdelghani)£92.94
Reimbursed2016-05-25A3 printing (C. F. Bolz)£11.93
Reimbursed2016-05-25Poster printing (C. F. Bolz)£29.48
Reimbursed2016-05-25Travel (Flight, Algiers to Paris) (A. Abdelghani)£211.10
Reimbursed2016-05-27Travel (Train, London Stations (Waterloo) to Egham, return) (S. Mount)£18.40
Reimbursed2016-05-27Event videoing, Nottingham Audio Visual Services £3534.00
Reimbursed2016-05-31Travel (Train, London to Egham (return)) (J. Schulz)£18.40
Reimbursed2016-05-31Food (Pret A Manger, Waterloo) (J. Schulz)£3.75
Reimbursed2016-05-31Travel (Train, London to Egham (return)) (L. Diekmann)£18.40
Reimbursed2016-05-31Travel (Train, Canley to Euston) (S. Mount)£28.00
Reimbursed2016-05-31Travel (Train, Canterbury to London) (E. Barrett)£29.30
Reimbursed2016-05-31Travel (Train, London to Egham) (E. Barrett)£9.20
Reimbursed2016-05-31Travel (Taxi, Egham to Cumberland Lodge) (E. Barrett)£11.00
Reimbursed2016-06-03Travel (Taxi to Egham Station) (E. Barret, L. Diekmann, S. Mount, J. Schulz)£13.00
Reimbursed2016-06-03Travel (Taxi from Egham Station to Cumberland Lodge) (S. Mount)£10.00
Reimbursed2016-06-03Travel (Bus, Paris to London) (A. Abdelghani)£27.83
Reimbursed2016-06-03Travel (Train, Egham to London) (E. Barrett)£9.20
Reimbursed2016-06-03Travel (Train, London to Canterbury) (E. Barrett)£37.80
Reimbursed2016-06-03Food (Sagar, Catherine Street) (C. F. Bolz, V. Egerov, A. Hosking, L. Tratt, M. Wolczko)£112.00
Reimbursed2016-06-03Food (Scoop, Shorts Gardens) (C. F. Bolz, V. Egerov, A. Hosking, L. Tratt, M. Wolczko)£20.60
Reimbursed2016-06-16Registration fees £-4200.00
Reimbursed2016-06-29Cumberland Lodge remainder £12214.37
Reimbursed2016-07-03Travel (Bank charges) (A. Abdelghani)£29.47
Debit Cooler::Summer School£15862.75
Debit Cooler::Travel£188.05
Debit Lecture::Travel£151.00
Research Visit
Reimbursed2016-06-16Food (Waterstone's Cafe, Gower Street) (D. Clark, L. Tratt)£3.60
Debit Lecture::Travel£3.60
OOPSLA Programme Committee
Reimbursed2016-03-04Travel (Flight, Rotterdam to Munich, BMI Regional) (L. Tratt)£73.85
Reimbursed2016-03-04Travel (Flight, Gatwick to Amsterdam, EasyJet) (L. Tratt)£56.08
Reimbursed2016-05-24Travel (Return train, Raynes Park to Gatwick) (L. Tratt)£24.40
Reimbursed2016-05-24Food (Pret a Manger, Gatwick) (L. Tratt)£17.21
Reimbursed2016-05-24Travel (Train, Schipol to Delft) (L. Tratt)£8.71
Reimbursed2016-05-27Accomodation (Hotel de Emauspoort, Delft) (L. Tratt)£203.46
Reimbursed2016-05-27Travel (Taxi, Delft to Rotterdam Airport) (L. Tratt)£31.26
Reimbursed2016-05-27Food (Food, Rotterdam Airport restaurant) (L. Tratt)£7.43
Reimbursed2016-05-27Food (Food, Rotterdam Airport restaurant) (L. Tratt)£7.28
Debit Lecture::Travel£429.68
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2016-05-18Travel (Flights) (A. Noble, J. Noble, K. Noble)£4084.71
Reimbursed2016-05-18Subsistence (A. Noble, J. Noble, K. Noble)£3360.00
Debit Lecture::Visiting Researcher£7444.71
Research visitor
Reimbursed2016-04-26Travel (Return train, Cambridge to London) (S. Kell)£16.00
Reimbursed2016-04-26Food (Pret a Manger, Strand) (L. Diekmann, S. Kell, J. Schulz, L. Tratt)£24.89
Reimbursed2016-04-26Food (Somerset Coffee Bar, King's College London) (L. Diekmann, S. Kell, J. Schulz, L. Tratt)£7.75
Reimbursed2016-04-26Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (S. Kell, L. Tratt)£11.34
Debit Lecture::Travel£59.98
EPSRC Workshop
Reimbursed2016-04-20Travel (Return train, Raynes Park to Swindon) (L. Tratt)£68.60
Reimbursed2016-04-21Food (WH Smith, Paddington) (L. Tratt)£3.78
Reimbursed2016-04-21Food (Uppercrust, Swindon Station) (L. Tratt)£4.25
Debit Lecture::Travel£76.63
S-REPLS 3 Workshop
Reimbursed2016-04-21Travel (London to Canterbury return) (G. French)£38.70
Reimbursed2016-04-21Food (Alexia Brule, St. Pancras Station, London) (G. French)£4.40
Reimbursed2016-04-21Travel (London to Canterbury return) (J. Schulz)£38.70
Debit Lecture::Travel£43.10
Debit Cooler::Travel£38.70
bench16 workshop
Reimbursed2016-02-19Travel (Flight, Prague to London, EasyJet) (T. Kalibera)£75.73
Reimbursed2016-02-19Travel (Flight, London to Prague, WizzAir) (T. Kalibera)£49.49
Reimbursed2016-02-19Accomodation (Studios 2 Let, Cartwright Gardens) (T. Kalibera)£208.00
Reimbursed2016-04-07Travel (Return Flight, Boston to London, United) (J. Vitek)£780.39
Reimbursed2016-04-14Accomodation (AirBnB, Brewer Street) (J. Vitek)£671.61
Reimbursed2016-04-14Travel (Return train, Lancaster to London) (S. Taylor)£91.50
Reimbursed2016-04-18Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (S. Mount, K. Buckley)£5.60
Reimbursed2016-04-18Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (L. Tratt, J. Vitek)£9.86
Reimbursed2016-04-18Food (Wasabi, Kingsway) (G. French, J. Schulz, L. Tratt, J. Vitek)£41.60
Reimbursed2016-04-18Food (Lundenwic, Aldwych) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, G. French, J. Schulz, L. Tratt, J. Vitek)£18.50
Reimbursed2016-04-18Food (Thai Square, Strand) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, L. Diekmann, G. French, S. Marr, J. Schulz, L. Tratt, J. Vitek)£253.27
Reimbursed2016-04-18Food (Fire and Stone, Maiden Lane) (bench16 speakers + soft-dev)£247.80
Reimbursed2016-04-19Food (My Pasta Bar, Fleet Street) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, L. Diekmann, J. Vitek)£30.00
Reimbursed2016-04-19Food (Somerset Coffee Bar, Kings College London) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, G. French, J. Schulz, L. Tratt, J. Vitek)£8.80
Reimbursed2016-04-20Bank charges £2.71
Debit Lecture::Travel£2494.86
Workshop and conference consumables
Reimbursed2016-04-11Plastic name badges (L. Tratt)£57.98
Reimbursed2016-04-11Name badge inserts (L. Tratt)£44.40
Reimbursed2016-04-11soft-dev lanyards £240.00
Reimbursed2016-04-14Plain lanyards (L. Tratt)£25.47
Debit Lecture::Travel£127.85
Debit General fund£240.00
Reimbursed2016-03-07Registration (L. Tratt)£25.00
Reimbursed2016-03-07Accomodation (Residence Inn by Marriott, Edinburgh) (L. Tratt)£347.00
Reimbursed2016-04-01Travel (Train, Raynes Park to Edinburgh (return)) (L. Tratt)£156.85
Reimbursed2016-04-10Food (Virgin Trains foodbar) (L. Tratt)£2.30
Reimbursed2016-04-10Food (Virgin Trains foodbar) (L. Tratt)£10.85
Reimbursed2016-04-13Travel (Taxi to Waverley Station) (L. Tratt)£8.00
Reimbursed2016-04-13Food (Caffe Nero, Waverley Station) (L. Tratt)£2.35
Debit Lecture::Travel£552.35
Research visitor
Reimbursed2016-04-13Food (Patisserie Valerie, King's Cross) (C. Seaton, L. Tratt)£4.30
Debit Lecture::Travel£4.30
Functional Brighton, March 2016
Reimbursed2016-03-15Travel (Canterbury to Brighton) (E. Barrett)£50.10
Reimbursed2016-03-15Travel (London to Brighton) (L. Diekmann)£17.30
Reimbursed2016-03-15Food (Burger and Cocktails) (L. Diekmann, E. Barrett)£20.79
Reimbursed2016-03-15Food (Coffee Tree) (L. Diekmann, E. Barrett)£7.60
Debit Cooler::Travel£50.10
Debit Lecture::Travel£45.69
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2016-03-01Food (Somerset Coffee Bar, King's College London) (A. Donaldson, L. Tratt)£2.45
Reimbursed2016-03-01Food (Somerset Coffee Bar, King's College London) (A. Donaldson, L. Tratt)£3.00
Reimbursed2016-03-01Food (Pizza Express, Strand) (A. Donaldson, L. Tratt)£32.20
Reimbursed2016-03-01Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (A. Donaldson, L. Tratt)£6.30
Debit Lecture::Travel£43.95
Research Visit
Reimbursed2016-02-25Food (JCR, Imperial College) (F. Russell, L. Tratt)£9.31
Debit Lecture::Travel£9.31
Research Visit
Reimbursed2016-02-24Travel (Wimbledon Chase to St. Albans, Return) (L. Tratt)£14.90
Reimbursed2016-02-24Travel (St. Albans to Univ. Hertfordshire) (L. Tratt)£15.00
Reimbursed2016-02-24Travel (Univ. Hertfordshire to St. Albans) (L. Tratt)£18.00
Debit Lecture::Travel£47.90
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2016-02-12Travel (Somerset Coffee Bar, King's College London) (C. F. Bolz, D. MacIver, L. Tratt)£8.25
Reimbursed2016-02-12Travel (Franco Manca, Maiden Lane) (L. Diekmann, C. F. Bolz, D. MacIver, S. Mount, J. Schulz, L. Tratt, N. Vasudevan)£68.00
Reimbursed2016-02-12Travel (Cafe in the Crypt, St. Martin in the Fields) (L. Diekmann, C. F. Bolz, D. MacIver, S. Mount, J. Schulz, L. Tratt, N. Vasudevan)£16.60
Debit Lecture::Travel£92.85
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2016-02-10Food (Tom's Kitchen, Somerset House) (T. Clark, L. Tratt)£79.59
Debit Lecture::Travel£79.59
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2015-12-12Travel (Manicomio Restaurant, Duke of York Square) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£98.16
Debit Lecture::Travel£98.16
Research Visit
Reimbursed2015-12-03Travel (Starbucks, St. Martin's Lane) (S. Giles, S. Mount, L. Tratt)£7.90
Debit Lecture::Travel£7.90
Research Visit
Reimbursed2015-11-17Travel (Return train, Canterbury to London) (L. Tratt)£35.80
Reimbursed2015-11-23Food (Sourced Market, St. Pancras) (L. Tratt)£2.60
Debit Lecture::Travel£38.40
Reimbursed2015-11-20Food (SoHo Sandwich Company, Hendon) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, L. Diekmann, G. French, S. Mount, L. Tratt)£11.40
Debit Lecture::Travel£11.40
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2015-11-04Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (C. F. Bolz, G. French, L. Tratt, G. Wilson)£18.99
Reimbursed2015-11-17Travel (Return train, Canterbury to London) (G. Wilson)£35.60
Reimbursed2015-11-17Travel (Taxi) (G. Wilson)£15.00
Reimbursed2015-11-17Food (The Queen's Head, Piccadilly) (G. Wilson)£16.42
Debit Lecture::Travel£86.01
Benchmarking equipment (bencher6)
Reimbursed2015-11-08 Intel Core i7-4790 PC £1080.00
Debit Lecture::Equipment£1080.00
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2015-11-04Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (M. Berger, L. Tratt)£12.24
Debit Lecture::Travel£12.24
Splash 2015, Pittsburgh
Reimbursed2015-09-23Travel (Return flight London-Pittsburgh + insurance) (G. French)£1105.16
Reimbursed2015-09-24Registration (G. French)£677.63
Reimbursed2015-09-25Accomodation (Westin, Pittsburgh) (G. French)£248.87
Reimbursed2015-09-30Accomodation (Station Square Hotel, Pittsburgh) (G. French)£345.84
Reimbursed2015-10-01Registration (L. Diekmann)£675.59
Reimbursed2015-10-01Travel (Return flight London-Pittsburgh) (L. Diekmann)£1086.16
Reimbursed2015-10-19Travel (US Customs ESTA) (G. French)£9.35
Reimbursed2015-10-20ESTA (L. Diekmann)£9.28
Reimbursed2015-10-23Travel (Heathrow Express to Airport) (L. Diekmann)£28.00
Reimbursed2015-10-24Accomodation (Westin, Pittsburgh) (L. Diekmann)£406.13
Reimbursed2015-10-24Food (WHSmith, London) (L. Diekmann)£4.42
Reimbursed2015-10-24Food (Pret, London) (L. Diekmann)£3.90
Reimbursed2015-10-24Food (The Crown Rivers, Heathrow Airport) (G. French)£10.74
Reimbursed2015-10-24Food (Guava and Java, Philadelphia Airport) (G. French)£1.85
Reimbursed2015-10-24Travel (Taxis Pittsburgh airport to Westin Hotel) (G. French)£50.29
Reimbursed2015-10-25Food (Hoolihans, Pittsburgh) (L. Diekmann)£15.45
Reimbursed2015-10-25Food (Westin, Pittsburgh) (L. Diekmann)£29.48
Reimbursed2015-10-25Food (Urban Tap, Pittsburgh) (L. Diekmann)£9.93
Reimbursed2015-10-25Food (Urban Tap, Pittsburgh) (G. French)£17.95
Reimbursed2015-10-25Food (Houliahans, Pittsburgh) (G. French)£15.96
Reimbursed2015-10-26Food (Bucca di Beppo, Pittsburgh) (L. Diekmann)£10.60
Reimbursed2015-10-26Food (Grit and Grace, Pittsburgh) (L. Diekmann)£10.60
Reimbursed2015-10-26Food (Penn City Grille, Westin Hotel, Pittsburgh) (G. French)£6.40
Reimbursed2015-10-26Food (Palmyra, Pittsburgh) (G. French)£6.76
Reimbursed2015-10-27Food (Five Guys, Pittsburgh) (L. Diekmann)£5.52
Reimbursed2015-10-27Food (Primanti Bros, Pittsburgh) (G. French)£15.29
Reimbursed2015-10-28Food (Hard Rock Cafe, Pittsburgh) (L. Diekmann)£14.10
Reimbursed2015-10-28Food (Houliahans, Pittsburgh) (G. French)£13.96
Reimbursed2015-10-28Food (Hard Rock Cafe, Pittsburgh) (G. French)£13.96
Reimbursed2015-10-29Accomodation (Sheraton, Pittsburgh) (L. Diekmann)£227.54
Reimbursed2015-10-29Travel (Taxi to Pittsburgh Airport (for Lukas and Geoff)) (L. Diekmann)£40.27
Reimbursed2015-10-29Food (Houlihans, Pittsburgh) (L. Diekmann)£13.03
Reimbursed2015-10-29Food (Hudson News, Pittsburgh) (L. Diekmann)£1.65
Reimbursed2015-10-29Food (Chick-Fil-A, Pittsburgh) (L. Diekmann)£2.15
Reimbursed2015-10-29Food (Houliahans, Pittsburgh) (G. French)£15.07
Reimbursed2015-10-29Food (Chick-Fil-A, Philadelphia Airport) (G. French)£4.76
Reimbursed2015-10-29Food (Au Bon Pain, Philadelphia Airport) (G. French)£1.83
Debit Lecture::Travel£5155.47
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2015-10-23Travel (Return train, London to Manchester) (C. Seaton)£70.00
Reimbursed2015-10-23Accomodation (Holiday Inn, King's Cross) (C. Seaton)£140.00
Reimbursed2015-10-23Food (Pret a Manger, Strand) (L. Diekmann, S. Mount, C. Seaton, L. Tratt)£29.73
Reimbursed2015-10-23Food (Somerset Coffee Bar) (C. Seaton, L. Tratt)£3.80
Reimbursed2015-10-23Food (Caffe Nero, Lancaster Place) (L. Diekmann, S. Mount, C. Seaton, L. Tratt)£10.45
Reimbursed2015-10-23Food (Somerset Coffee Bar) (L. Diekmann, S. Mount, C. Seaton, L. Tratt)£5.50
Reimbursed2015-10-23Food (Pizza Express, Strand) (C. Seaton, L. Tratt)£47.00
Debit Lexical cross-language interoperability::Misc£210.00
Debit Lecture::Travel£96.48
WG2.11 meeting, Imperial College
Reimbursed2015-10-20Registration (L. Tratt)£225.00
Debit Lecture::Travel£225.00
Research Visit
Reimbursed2015-09-30Travel (Return train, London to Manchester) (L. Tratt)£85.30
Reimbursed2015-09-30Food (Virgin Trains) (L. Tratt)£4.20
Reimbursed2015-09-30Travel (Taxi, Manchester Piccadilly to University) (L. Tratt)£7.00
Reimbursed2015-10-01Food (Virgin Trains) (L. Tratt)£2.60
Debit Lecture::Travel£99.10
EPSRC Tomorrow's Leaders workshop
Reimbursed2015-09-22Travel (Car, Horton to Bristol) (L. Tratt)£24.30
Reimbursed2015-09-22Food (Cafe Olive and Fig, Bristol) (L. Tratt)£6.50
Reimbursed2015-09-24Travel (Car, Bristol to Ryanes Park) (L. Tratt)£58.05
Debit Lecture::Travel£88.85
PyConUK 2015, Coventry
Reimbursed2015-06-29Registration (E. Barret, G. French)£330.00
Reimbursed2015-06-29Accomodation (Premiere Inn, Coventry) (E. Barrett, G. French)£342.00
Reimbursed2015-09-14Travel (Train, London to Coventry) (G. French)£28.00
Reimbursed2015-09-16Travel (Train, Canterbury to Coventry) (E. Barrett)£72.20
Reimbursed2015-09-17Food (Nando's, Coventry) (E. Barrett)£10.10
Reimbursed2015-09-17Food (Nando's, Coventry) (G. French)£24.85
Reimbursed2015-09-18Food (Cosmo, Coventry) (E. Barrett)£17.74
Reimbursed2015-09-18Food (Pizza Express, Coventry) (G. French)£20.20
Reimbursed2015-09-18Food (Premier Inn Food, Coventry) (G. French)£8.75
Reimbursed2015-09-20Food (The Flying Standard, Coventry) (E. Barrett)£7.15
Reimbursed2015-09-20Food (The Flying Standard, Coventry) (G. French)£10.70
Reimbursed2015-09-21Food (Costa Coffee, Coventry) (E. Barrett)£3.50
Debit Cooler::Travel£782.69
Debit Lecture::Travel£92.50
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2015-09-17Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (M. Berger, L. Tratt)£5.04
Debit Lecture::Travel£5.04
Benchmarking equipment (bencher5)
Reimbursed2015-09-07 Intel Core i7-4790 PC £1080.00
Debit Lecture::Equipment£1080.00
Reimbursed2015-08-28Samsung 840EVO 500GB SSD (L. Diekmann)£147.37
Reimbursed2015-08-28Battery for Lenovo X230 (L. Diekmann)£55.54
Debit Lecture::Equipment£202.91
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2015-08-04Travel (Vienna to London, Easyjet) (R. Plangger)£124.56
Reimbursed2015-08-04Travel (London to Linz, Ryanair) (R. Plangger)£139.69
Reimbursed2015-08-06Accomodation (Airbnb, Provost Estate) (R. Plangger)£240.92
Reimbursed2015-08-11Food (Sagar, Catherine Street) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, L. Diekmann, M. Fijalkowski, G. French, R. Guillebert, R. Plangger, A. Rigo, L. Tratt)£162.90
Debit Cooler::Travel£505.17
Debit Lecture::Travel£162.90
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2015-07-22Food (Fleet River Cafe) (L. Tratt, M. Wolczko)£4.70
Debit Lecture::Travel£4.70
Research Visitor
Reimbursed2015-07-21Food (Fernandez and Wells, Exhibition Road) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£10.20
Reimbursed2015-07-21Food (Queens Arms, Queen's Gate Mews) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£27.00
Reimbursed2015-07-21Food (Paul, Thurloe Street) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£4.30
Reimbursed2015-07-21Food (Scoop, Old Brompton Road) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£10.60
Reimbursed2015-07-21Food (Obica, Draycott Avenue) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£59.63
Debit Lecture::Travel£111.73
ECOOP 2015, Prague
Reimbursed2015-03-16Registration (C. F. Bolz)£426.77
Reimbursed2015-04-07Registration (L. Tratt)£531.84
Reimbursed2015-04-07Travel (Train, Hamburg to Prague) (C. F. Bolz)£31.65
Reimbursed2015-04-07Travel (Train, Prague to Hamburg) (C. F. Bolz)£48.87
Reimbursed2015-06-03Travel (Flight, return, London to Prague, British Airways) (L. Tratt)£302.61
Reimbursed2015-07-04Food (Maitrea) (C. F. Bolz)£20.67
Reimbursed2015-07-05Travel (3 day transfer ticket Prague) (C. F. Bolz)£10.68
Reimbursed2015-07-05Travel (Taxi, Raynes Park to Wimbledon) (L. Tratt)£35.00
Reimbursed2015-07-05Food (Pret a Manger, T3, Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£12.91
Reimbursed2015-07-05Travel (Taxi, Prague Airport to hotel) (L. Tratt)£20.68
Reimbursed2015-07-05Travel (Taxi, hotel to Prague Airport) (L. Tratt)£27.57
Reimbursed2015-07-06Food (Rawcha) (C. F. Bolz)£12.02
Reimbursed2015-07-06Food (Maitrea) (C. F. Bolz)£15.05
Reimbursed2015-07-06Travel (Tram) (L. Tratt)£0.83
Reimbursed2015-07-07Food (Indian Jewel) (C. F. Bolz)£17.22
Reimbursed2015-07-07Food (Cafe de Paris) (C. F. Bolz)£8.96
Reimbursed2015-07-07Food (Na Blbym Miste) (L. Tratt)£17.23
Reimbursed2015-07-08Food (Duse Vperi) (C. F. Bolz)£2.86
Reimbursed2015-07-08Food (Lehka Hlava) (C. F. Bolz, L. Tratt)£13.78
Reimbursed2015-07-08Food (Pivovar Narodni) (C. F. Bolz, M. Grimmer, L. Tratt)£27.52
Reimbursed2015-07-08Food (Paul, Prague Airport) (L. Tratt)£5.51
Reimbursed2015-07-10Accomodation (Marriot Hotel, V Celnici, Prague) (L. Tratt)£985.53
Reimbursed2015-07-10Travel (Taxi, Wimbledon to Raynes Park) (L. Tratt)£40.00
Reimbursed2015-07-11Accomodation (B and B Hotel Prague City) (C. F. Bolz)£246.65
Debit Cooler::Travel£841.40
Debit General fund£531.84
Debit Lecture::Travel£1489.17
Research visit
Reimbursed2015-06-02Food (Sagar, Catherine Street) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, L. Diekmann, V. Eygorov, S. Mount, L. Tratt)£95.00
Reimbursed2015-06-02Food (Scoop, Shorts Gardens) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, V. Eygorov, S. Mount, L. Tratt)£22.70
Reimbursed2015-06-02Food (Crown Cafe Bar, Strand) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, L. Diekmann, S. Giles, S. Mount, L. Tratt)£38.30
Reimbursed2015-06-02Food (Somerset Coffee Bar) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, L. Diekmann, S. Giles, S. Mount, L. Tratt)£9.30
Debit Lecture::Travel£165.30
S-REPLS 2015, Cambridge
Reimbursed2015-04-30Travel (Train, London to Cambridge) (L. Diekmann)£24.00
Reimbursed2015-04-30Travel (Train, London to Cambridge) (L. Tratt)£35.40
Reimbursed2015-04-30Food (Caffe Nero, King's Cross) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£3.70
Reimbursed2015-04-30Food (Granta, Cambridge) (L. Diekmann)£8.95
Reimbursed2015-04-30Food (Granta, Cambridge) (L. Tratt)£12.70
Reimbursed2015-04-30Food (AMT Coffee, Cambridge) (L. Diekmann, L. Tratt)£4.70
Debit Lecture::Travel£89.45
Reimbursed2015-03-18 Thinkpad X1 Carbon (L. Tratt)£1521.60
Reimbursed2015-04-17Laptop bag (L. Tratt)£38.72
Debit Lecture::Equipment£1560.32
Research visit
Reimbursed2015-04-14Travel (Travelcard) (L. Tratt)£12.00
Reimbursed2015-04-14Food (SoHo Sandwich Company, Hendon) (T. Clark, M. Loomes, L. Tratt)£12.45
Debit Lecture::Travel£24.45
Research visitor
Reimbursed2015-03-11Travel (Train, Oxford to London) (J. Gibbons)£66.60
Reimbursed2015-03-11Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (C. F. Bolz, J. Gibbons, D. Kurilova, K. Lano, L. Tratt)£42.84
Reimbursed2015-03-11Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (J. Gibbons, L. Tratt)£5.22
Debit Lecture::Travel£66.60
Debit Cooler::Travel£48.06
ETAPS 2015
Reimbursed2015-03-05Registration (L. Tratt)£400.00
Reimbursed2015-03-09Registration (E. Barrett)£400.00
Reimbursed2015-03-10Registration (L. Diekmann)£400.00
Debit Lecture::Travel£800.00
Debit Cooler::Travel£400.00
Research visitor
Reimbursed2015-02-11Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (M. Berger, L. Tratt, C. Urban)£29.65
Debit Lecture::Travel£29.65
Dagstuhl 15062
Reimbursed2015-01-03Travel (Flight, Heathrow to Luxembourg, British Airways) (L. Tratt)£154.11
Reimbursed2015-02-01Travel (Taxi, Wimbledon to Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£35.00
Reimbursed2015-02-01Food (Pret a Manger, Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£20.70
Reimbursed2015-02-01Travel (Taxi, Luxembourg to Dagstuhl) (L. Tratt)£95.73
Reimbursed2015-02-01Travel (Taxi, Heathrow to Wimbledon) (L. Tratt)£40.00
Reimbursed2015-02-06Accomodation (Accommodation) (L. Tratt)£199.38
Reimbursed2015-02-06Travel (Taxi, Dagstuhl to Luxembourg) (L. Tratt)£33.34
Reimbursed2015-02-06Food (Costa Coffee, Heathrow) (L. Tratt)£2.45
Debit Lecture::Travel£580.71
Research visit
Reimbursed2015-01-22Travel (Train, Wimbledon to Oxford) (L. Tratt)£64.00
Reimbursed2015-01-22Food (Caffe Nero, Paddington) (L. Tratt)£3.70
Reimbursed2015-01-22Food (Vaults and Garden Cafe, Oxford) (L. Tratt)£2.55
Debit Lecture::Travel£70.25
Research visit
Reimbursed2015-01-20Travel (Train, Wimbledon to Egham) (L. Tratt)£11.10
Debit Lecture::Travel£11.10
Research visit
Reimbursed2015-01-09Travel (Train, Wimbledon to Cambridge) (L. Tratt)£35.40
Reimbursed2015-01-09Food (Cafe Nero, King's Cross) (L. Tratt)£4.00
Reimbursed2015-01-09Food (Computer Lab, Cambridge University) (L. Tratt)£4.80
Reimbursed2015-01-09Food (Computer Lab, Cambridge University) (L. Tratt)£3.50
Reimbursed2015-01-09Food (WH Smiths, Cambridge Station) (L. Tratt)£3.37
Debit Lecture::Travel£51.07
Reimbursed2014-10-30Lenovo Thinkpad UltraBase Series 3 (L. Diekmann)£117.05
Debit Lecture::Equipment£117.05
Research visitor
Reimbursed2014-10-08Food (Costa Coffee, Kingsway) (E. Barrett, G. French, L. Tratt)£7.10
Reimbursed2014-10-08Food (Pret a Manger, Kingsway) (E. Barrett, G. French, L. Tratt)£23.97
Reimbursed2014-10-08Travel (Rail, Norwich to London) £37.50
Reimbursed2014-10-08Accomodation (Strand Continental) £80.00
Reimbursed2014-10-08Food (Fleet River Bakery, Lincoln Inn Fields) £2.90
Reimbursed2014-10-09Food (Coffee Cart, KCL Kingsway) (E. Barrett, G. French, L. Tratt)£7.80
Reimbursed2014-10-09Food (Starbucks, Kingsway) (E. Barrett, L. Diekmann, G. French, L. Tratt)£8.96
Reimbursed2014-10-09Food (Strada, Great Queen Street) (E. Barrett, L. Diekmann, G. French, L. Tratt)£44.00
Reimbursed2014-10-09Food (Hi Sushi Izakaya, Catherine Street) (G. French, L. Tratt)£75.60
Debit Lecture::Travel£287.83
SLE 2014
Reimbursed2014-08-05Travel (Flight London to Stockholm Vasteras, Ryanair) (L. Diekmann)£44.98
Reimbursed2014-08-05Registration (L. Diekmann)£327.61
Reimbursed2014-08-05Accomodation (Best Western Hotel Esplanade) (L. Diekmann)£264.00
Reimbursed2014-09-08Travel (National Express to Stansted Airport) (L. Diekmann)£18.00
Reimbursed2014-09-13Travel (Bus to Hotel) (L. Diekmann)£3.53
Reimbursed2014-09-13Food (Nya Hatt Fabriken) (L. Diekmann)£24.34
Reimbursed2014-09-13Food (Stadsparken) (L. Diekmann)£5.75
Reimbursed2014-09-14Food (AGrill Vasteras) (L. Diekmann)£30.98
Reimbursed2014-09-16Food (Subway Vasteras) (L. Diekmann)£4.33
Reimbursed2014-09-16Travel (Bus to Airport) (L. Diekmann)£3.53
Debit Lecture::Travel£727.05
Research visitor
Reimbursed2014-09-09Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£13.01
Reimbursed2014-09-09Food (Franco Manca, Tottenham Court Road) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£22.00
Reimbursed2014-09-09Food (Scoop, Shorts Gardens) (J. Noble, L. Tratt)£8.00
Debit Lecture::Travel£43.01
Research visitor
Reimbursed2014-09-04Travel (Train, Norwich to London) (G. French)£56.50
Reimbursed2014-09-04Food (Somerset Coffee Bar, King's College London) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, L. Diekmann, G. French, L. Tratt)£6.80
Reimbursed2014-09-04Food (Somerset Coffee Bar, King's College London) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, L. Diekmann, G. French, L. Tratt)£6.80
Reimbursed2014-09-04Food (Somerset Coffee Bar, King's College London) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, L. Diekmann, G. French, L. Tratt)£9.75
Reimbursed2014-09-04Food (Wasabi, Kingsway) (E. Barrett, C. F. Bolz, L. Diekmann, G. French, L. Tratt)£36.36
Debit Lecture::Travel£116.21
Reimbursed2014-09-0216GiB RAM (L. Diekmann)£102.74
Debit Lecture::Equipment£102.74
Research visitor
Reimbursed2014-06-04Food (Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House) (E. Barrett, L. Diekmann, D. Kuriolva, L. Tratt)£11.07
Reimbursed2014-08-22Food (Thai Square, Strand) (E. Barrett, L. Diekmann, D. Kuriolva, L. Tratt)£48.40
Debit Lecture::Travel£59.47